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  1. ^ is insensitive to a person's ... aroma < currently smells like garlic v has issues with garlic.... and sunlight
  2. Replaced the battery. The single digit weather in the northeast finally did it in and starting was a no-go. When I pulled the old battery out, I saw the date code on it.... C9. Damned near lasted 10 years!
  3. Can I use the 'Report' function to report admins who seem to be slacking on their duties or are just too damned lazy to cleanout their inboxes?
  4. If spring rolls around and you are still interested in doing skids, I'd be glad to work with you to get measurements, mock-ups etc.
  5. Sorry... have been away from the computer for a few days. I have Yokohama Geolander A/T F015's on it. Stock size is 265/70R16 Camber bolts on my 05 are adjustable. Interesting to read Steve's comment about maybe 2005 being the only year. A quick crawl through parts lists or online parts sites may confirm that. I'm not sure what you mean by "at full droop" but my shop was able to get my alignment within spec without spacers/shims/etc. I think I'm going to add another 1" to the rear which will give me 1.5" front and 2" rear. That will give me a little more range/support when I fill the back end with gear/groceries/bricks/dogs/bodies/whatever
  6. The best way to describe it is... gritty. It is more dry than moist but it is denser than cake. My grandmother used to make it in a cast iron skillet and we'd take it warm, smear it with butter and drizzle home-farmed honey over it. (mouth watering right now)
  7. If anyone has any questions about installation, feel free to shoot me an IM. I did multiple installs to check lift height for different combinations of components so I learned a couple of tricks. Also, Steve's redesign of the front spacers (posts installed) solved the only issue that I found with the prototype design and that issue was not significant unless you are really stressing/flexing the front suspension. Be assured that Steve has safety in mind and has created a nice kit for the R51's.
  8. Saw pictures of it on the product page of sfcreation.com ... and added oil
  9. mysteriously makes oil disappear. No drips, no blue smoke but I have to add a quart or so every month
  10. ^ probably takes long showers... with the door locked < doesn't want to know what ^ does in the shower v would prefer a real partner
  11. Started taking measurements and soaked some nuts with PB Blaster in preparation for installing a lift. Then stopped and fell in the pool since we're in yet another heat wave with indexes around 105 degrees F REALLY tired of summer right now.
  12. does it rev if you put in the clutch and NOT put it in gear? I would expect that. With the clutch out, the engine is working to spin at least part of the transmission which is a load and reduces RPMs. If it spins up significantly when you push in the clutch, there may be something wrong in the tranny that is causing a lot of load on the engine even when in neutral.
  13. I would have guessed the timing belt initially and it sounds like you f'd up the sequence when wiring the disty after replacing it. Are you positive you have the timing correct with respect to teeth between cams and crank? Also, how did the timing belt look that you took off? If it slipped, you probably want to do a compression check to make sure no valves were damaged. As for the swap, good luck and please start a build thread for it.

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