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  1. Just a one time thud or several in a row? Is is like a back-fire like and exhaust thud, or like metal hitting metal thud?
  2. pulled "44 ECCS Normal Operation". I guess that ECU talk for no problem dude. did find today that the vacuum hose on MAF was not plugged behind air intake. the hose is cracked. Also I continue to get a sweet burn smell. there is some water on the exterior of the oil filter. blown head gasket maybe? absolutely no water in the oil. checked checked and checked. GG may be onto something with the coil, remember this broken hose? http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=21002 don't know how long it had been like that, but made a black mark on the engine compartment and put a nice coat of carbon on the coil. Maybe got it too hot and damaged it. Could be a million things.
  3. Good advice, I've never ran codes, but was under the impression that if your check engine light doesn't come on, then you will get no codes. I use the search function.
  4. Bobby came over Sunday and we Sea Foamed the snot out of it hoping if it was carbon clogging the EGR valve. No Go. Went up and down the road about 15 minutes 3000 rpms one or two slight hesitations then total failure. The smoke from the sea foam was halarious, good thing it was windy, the smoke might have shown up on Dopular Radar. EGR valve is not cheap. http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/productde...282&PTSet=A I think I will take to a shop to run diagnostics. May cost a $100, but will keep me from changing $100 dollar parts that don't need it. On a side note since, made a cardboard bracket for my oil filter relocation kit. After she's running I will take to a sheet metal fabricator and have them duplicate it.
  5. Didn't you once fill a rust whole with a cookie sheet?, maybe the wind is catching a corner of it. J/K Dude don't do 90 in an SUV.
  6. 2 weeks ago I start the truck in morning and begin to back up. She dies like she runs out of gas. Then absolutely nothing. Couple hours later starts up runs 5 or 6 seconds dies like out of gas. Change fuel filter the next week, runs like a champ. Do a couple of test runs up and down the street it's fixed. Take the kids to school then go to get on interstate and she dies when I excellerate to merge (5 miles from house). Will not restart. A buddy pulls me home park her for a week, just for kicks I started her yesterday and she runs fine, couple of test runs up and down the street no problem. WTF? Friday I will empty gas tank, and try some new gas, really don't want to change the fuel pump if it's not broke. I thought when fuel pumps fail they fail totally. Any Ideas what else to look at if changing the gas doesn't help? No engine lights no warning, completely shuts down like it's out of gas.
  7. 92.625" long studs delivered pink. Why I dunno, but look at it this way, after it's painted it will be tan on the outside and pink on the inside. That's on sexy shed.
  8. Wife said no new lawnmower unless new shed appears. Hurricane destroyed last one so here we go. Thanks Home Depot for delivering the correct materials to the house. This will some day be a shed. Thought if built the skids upside down they would be easier to nail and just flip over afterwards. Unfortunately I was too weak to make the flip. New Years day done, time to go watch Bama get beat. Second day God messes with me and makes it rain. Then rubs it in with rainbow.
  9. Change the fuel filter this morning and notice exhaust smoke coming from the engine compartment below the air intake hose. Basically the 1" hose that holds in place broke. Just curious what it is. Polution Pump or something? see pics. Thanks Dag.
  10. Toyota has boocoo after market products. Nissan not so lucky. That is the only complaint I have in Toyota's favorite.
  11. Posting a question for Bobby He lost a his h2o pump and is replacing along with t-chain. Followed all the directions for the t-belt install and lined up motor, sprockets, and belt. Started it up to check and fired up nicely, but smelled smoke. Went back to inspect and the timing cover was touching the belt. fixed and no problem. Doing so he noticed the belt marks no longer lined up with the motor and sprocket. What caused this? did the belt stretch or somehow jump a couple of teeth? He question is "Since the timing is fine, should he remove the belt and re-install with the belt marks in the correct place. I told him if it runs fine, leave it alone but I really dont know. Has anyone else had this happen, does the belt stretch? Should he take it back down and re-install the belts with marks in the correct place? Anyway he is at his dad's with no internet, so if someone with some belt experience could chime in I'll pass it on. Thanks, Dag
  12. Those aren't puppies any more, they are beasts! Bet they get a kick out of it.
  13. Dude PM me, I'd love sum fender flares. To get back on subject move to SE Louisiana, sweat your Arse off and wonder what roadsalt is.
  14. Low miles for a '93. Great find! and welcome
  15. Your father would be proud if you knew him. Belts are $4 and under at Wal-mart.
  16. http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008...ted-so-he-can-/ Think this guy's coach was too rough?
  17. I got kicked out of the neworleans zoo for feeding the stupid giraffe bamboo leaves. Pricks! He can't even be arrested.
  18. It probably has a lot to do with the people you are around. My dad's a pitiful alcoholic, and my mom is convinced it's hereditary. She's pretty much fanatical about not drinking. If it affects your health, relationships, or employment and you can't do without even one day... Some self examination might be needed.
  19. Ditto, but my thanks comes 3 years too late.
  20. http://npora.ipbhost.com//index.php?s=&amp...st&p=327722 Did you see these? I'm sure if you he'll give you a deal if you start your inquiry with "Roll Tide" J/K He lives in Auburn. Don't say that.
  21. What's up "D" Although this is a pathfinder forum, don't think we wouldn't like to see some pics of your Z. Even the previous one if you have some. Share it all.
  22. I like to put down a few and hit the woods behind my house. Never think twice about it. It's deeply wooded with heavy bogs. About the worse that could happen is get stuck. It's all 1st gear driving. My opinion changes if others are involved or on a private off-road trail. That is absolutely never for me because of the risk to others and the property owner who was kind enough to make his/her trails available to the public. Curious if the consensus was the same, or if I'm way off base.

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