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  1. Tried to repost pics but failed miserably
  2. Hey guys, man I miss POHO
  3. Hello SRN - Hate I missed you, just finished working on a job in Woods Cross, UT. Would have loved to seen your ride. Welcome
  4. Me too, Married with two kids. What's your excuse?
  5. When Katrina hit New Orleans the locally owned gas stations would only sell you $20 gas. It wouldn't fill your car up, but it helped the locals who didn't need to fill up. The chain stores were sold out and waiting for re-fills. I appreciated it; on the flip side there were people driving to our town from 100miles away just to get gas. it was a tough few weeks until the power got somewhat stable. I'm really disappointed in the US media coverage of NZ. It's almost like it didn't happen. I realize Egypt and Libya are big stories, but they aren't exactly our friends. My heart continues to go out to you guys, keep your chin up. You won't be forgotten on NPORA. Dag
  6. Glad to hear ur Ok Tex. I've been in a bubble since i got home Saturday. Heard about it on the radio driving to work this morning. If you and the other Kiwi's could do me a favor, there are always relief groups that pop up out of nowhere to collect money for tragedies like what your experiencing. If you personally see groups actually spending the money they collect and helping the people who need it the most. Please give them an "attaboy" and tell us their names. It's a lot easier to make a donation knowing that it's being used for the intended purpose. Dag
  7. i've been in deep water where I thought I was going to drown her. the next day my ignition coil died. Snorkel wouldn't helped that. They do look cool!
  8. Banned for being potty trained for less than 20 yrs. HA HA HA!
  9. I got the cable chains... They were cheapest and might only be used once if never. http://www.tirechain.com/P235-65R-16.htm My hope is I wont need them. The forcast is sunshine Thursday and Friday, driving days going up. The condo is ski-in ski-out. Hopefully the van can stay parked all week. D Thanks for your help,driving in the snow is not my strong suit!
  10. That was actually a dig at k9sar, but he won't bite.
  11. Done, saw some of the fine print that scares me... This means that Scott now know where Pez lives. Stalker's heaven
  12. Thanks for the link. $50 bucks is cheaper than triple A
  13. Hey guys, figure some of you cold weather guys could help me. we are taking a family vacation to snow ski in Copper Mtn Co. next week. Taking the wife's Honda Odysess. I am worried about foul weather, looks good going up, but don't know about coming back. I would feel safer if I had some snow chains with me. However snow chains are not easy to find in SE Louisiana. go figure. Can I simply stop at a Wal-mart in Kansas and find a cheap set that hopefully will never be used. Or does more thought and planning need to go into selecting snow chains. What I'm looking for is... Where to buy? What not to buy. Also the van has some tight wheel clearance - would this cause rubbing issues, perhaps I just don't have a snow car. Thanks Dag btw miss you guys, need to po-ho a little more.
  14. If you attend the same church as two or more ex-wives.
  15. Wait a minute, that's 90% of NPORA
  16. ooh ooh my favorite because it actually happenend. You got in a fist fight because someone said "Duct tape can't fix that".
  17. Yes, I would be that rat. Talk about a sad walk down memory lane.
  18. Here you go. Unless you've had one you wouldn't understand This could be you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EebObs-vC0
  19. My daughter was surfing utube miley cyrus crap and saw the perfect country western song "I want my mullet back" Billy Ray Cyrus
  20. You are my sunshine! I used to sing that to my daughter before she realized I can't sing.
  21. Couldn't find "Black Sheep of the family" by Jon Anderson Don't know why it's not a white sheep.
  22. I could help out with the doors, but we do have that distance problem.
  23. On the coil, there are two parts the large unit and a small unit. The small unit from the j/y all the mounting pieces were froze up, so I did not change this piece. What is the smaller unit that plugs into the coil? changed the coil. let it idle to temerature, the tack started going all over the place and it died. This time she cranked back up and ran and ran and ran. Put her in 4wd hit the trails in the back yard lots of fun with no problem. Still scared to get away from the house without a buddy. Hopefully I can get with Bobby next week and take a road trip.

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