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  1. I never did it myself last year, but I did take it to the shop today. A trusted mechanic. He said it needs a new compressor. His estimate $1000+ to repair. Any ideas from my community?
  2. 6 months since the last detail.... time for it again?
  3. Thanks RainGoat. I'm pleased with it and for $50 you can't beat the improvement. My OEM lights are so bad I drove right by a state trooper on bright and they didn't do anything.
  4. I got to do a little riding on back roads tonight. The light bar is pretty awesome. I do think I need to modify my mounting brackets because there is a lot of vibration. I'll address that later. In the meantime an update on the performance. Here is a shot of the OEM low beams: This is the OEM high beams: This is the high OEM beams and the yellow lights from the LED bar: This is the OEM High beams and the white lights from the OEM bar: This is OME high lights, the yellow and white lights from the LED bar:
  5. Here's one on my Mobil 1 filters
  6. I love this forum. learned something new today
  7. onespiritbrain - Thanks for sharing the vid Finally got a chance to watch it. Good stuff.
  8. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check that out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Drove to store and resisted the temptation to turn on the flashing lights from the led light bar at the guy in front of me who kept slamming on brakes...
  10. I only use Mobil 1 full synthetic and a Mobil 1 oil filter on my vehicles. That's what I've been doing for the last twenty years. I try to change the oil every 10k miles, but sometimes it goes further. I've never had an issue with the engine oil such. I used to use whatever the quick oil change place did until I slung a rod in my Sentra. Since then I've changed my own oil and used high quality items.
  11. Never had one, but I like the look at the Land Cruiser. I also understand they're a little easier to lift and some come with factory lockers.
  12. Pretty interesting stuff here.
  13. Fantastic diagram TowndawgR50! I think given the temp ranges down here this isn't a big concern for me. Besides, if I had a gauge I could tell that the tranny fluid was too cool as well as too hot, right? I spoke to a local transmission shop, say a place like Mr. Transmission, about this scenario on this specific vehicle. They were careful not to say anything that would put them liable for anything, but implied that they would not use the radiator due to issues it had.
  14. I think cold is a relative term! It's 46*F here right now and we consider that FREEZING!
  15. hmmm.... Do all trans coolers go through the radiator?
  16. Would this work for us? Can I just put the t-fitting closer to the trans cooler and use the rubber hoses?
  17. Experience... how does one develop that?
  18. Just a few thoughts and questions. You know how the driver's window has a function where you press it down once and it auto rolls the window down, but the other three have to be held? Anyone ever tried to mod this so all four work like the driver's window?
  19. Back to this idea... When I get around to installing the cooler, is there some way to insert a sensor easily to monitor the temperature? Anyone done that?
  20. I had a problem like this in my Mitsubishi Endeavor.... cost $2k to rebuild the tranny.

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