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  1. OK I’m sold. Is there a thread detailing the conversion? If not could you share where you found the amber lens that works well for you?
  2. Very very interesting. So did you actually open the lightbar up and put amber LEDs in place of the cool white LEDs or are you using a film to change the color temperature?
  3. So the amber color temp is proving more useful?
  4. If it’s in the same place as my was, it sucks butt. A stubby 10mm wrench works best and I just so happen to have one with your name on it! Let me know when you want to do it and I’d be very happy to help.
  5. I’m just now seeing this post. Some stuff I’m reading says crankshaft position sensor. Granted it was on a 2.5L Altima.. still though, both the 725 and 335 codes were present. The person said that the crankshaft sensor issue causes the camshaft sensor fault but the root cause is the crankshaft sensor so you only need to replace it.
  6. I have the 3.3 and have to say the lack of power is a major downside for me, however, I will say though that if you give it enough skinny pedal, it will go. Having replaced the engine and transmission several times each (because I’m an idiot—not because of poor reliability) I want to baby the vehicle when driving normally i.e. driving to work or around town. You just plainly can’t baby it and keep up with traffic. If you don’t mind being the guy with a mile of pissed people behind you then that’s great but I hate being that guy. That said if you’ll just run it through it’s power band (3200-4500rpm) then it’s no problem whatsoever. I can comfortably drive my wife’s GX without breaking 2000rpm... Towing, yeah it’ll do it, but not well, not heavy, and not up steep grades. I hear VQ’s can’t even tell they’re towing heavy up steep grades with locked up brakes in 100mph head wind. Serviceability, now that’s where the VG shines. I don’t work on cars, I work on large spacious industrial manufacturing equipment, and I was able to overhaul the VG. Parts just come off and there’s really only one way to put them back on, no spring loaded stuff or complicated assemblies. I don’t mind working on the VG at all. An older 4Runner starter you say? Kill me now. Off-road ability I imagine isn’t going to show much of a difference between the VG and the VQ because of the huge amount of torque that the transfer case provides. I was dragging trees one time and couldn’t make any forward progress in 4hi but when I switched to 4lo I could slowly increase the torque until the tires would break traction on pavement, which says to me that no amount of resistance would overcome the engine in 4lo. In conclusion, if I could choose again, I’d go with the VQ, no hesitation. The lack of power for normal driving is a deal breaker for me. A 2004 stick shift pathy is my dream vehicle.
  7. Cedar Creek Jeff, this is where we caught some fish!
  8. I thought the knock sensor on the vg33 doesn’t actually pull time but just throws a code when it detects knock.
  9. Is the ECU for the 95 any different than the ECU for the later VG33 pathfinders? Is it possible that we could tune pathfinders/qx4’s from later years so long they are VG33’s?
  10. I can’t help but wonder if you’re referring to a Honda CRV with explosive royal blue headlights.
  11. Great time! It’s a whole other world when you’re out there on the open water.
  12. If it was refusing to lockup on the highway then cold trans temps are definitely to blame. If it wouldn’t shift into 4th(OD) then that’s another issue.
  13. I think you adjust it with that big socket cap plug on the front of the rack.
  14. I used to really love the Fall and Winter seasons, and quite frankly hated the Summer. However, since falling in love with fishing, Fall has betrayed me. Fish have all but quit biting from the banks, and without a boat it seems life has lost all meaning. I am currently taking side jobs repairing folks vehicles until I can afford a Jon Boat in hopes that if I can just get out there on the water I can find a bite somewhere. I should have known all along that Fall was the worst. I mean everything dying, leaves being tortured by the lack of light and falling off the trees, frost all over your car every morning, and no more fishing... its truly the devils season.
  15. I was just wondering since 150degF is pretty low for towing with an RE4. Getting stuck in 4th is common before a failure with these transmissions but I’m not familiar with failure to shift into 4th. To me it sounds like a solenoid issue, however I would imagine the trans temp to be very high for a solenoid issue to raise its head. Well either really high temp or really low temp. There are some more knowledge guys, like Slartibartfast, that could probably shine some more light on your issue.

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