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  1. My parents have a 2008 Nissan Frontier 2.4L... Something similar happend to them... When they switch from 2H to 4H the shifter try to go back to 2H... I think after a while the boot got softer and it was easy to shift to 4H...
  2. I never had cleaned the engine bay... I have send it to wash only twice in a year of having the Pathy... Do you clean it at home or go to wash center? I have seen lots of videos on youtube about how to clean the engine bay... What do you suggest? Precautions? Critical points? Thanks 👍
  3. That is an alarm with gps tracking or something... I found this.... http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/forum_posts.asp?tid=58865
  4. I was looking some videos about changing the oil filter at half oil change for keeping the oil cleaner... Or change the oil at home... I do not know if i will do it but... Y asked just for curiosity... And there is another question.... Hahahahaha Do i need to have a special tool for removing the oil filter? Where the filter is located is like PITA to remove i think... Do you remove it with your hands... Just turn it and voilà? I have changed my scooter motor oil and valvuline... But never a car's oil... Thanks!
  5. I have a naive question... Can I change the oil filter without changing the oil? Or do i have to drain all the oil before I change the filter... And then put again the oil?
  6. ^^^^^ As Rebelord says... Here in Bogotá you can go to "your" mechanic or a refered one... Or go to the Nissan or whatever brand workshop... If you go to your mechanic usually he does not provide parts, but sometimes he suggests where to buy them or knows someone who knows... At the Nissan or other workshop you have no choice, you have to buy them their really expensive parts...
  7. Mine one button for locking, beeps and lights... One unlock button, unlock drivers door, and lights... Two unlock button, unlocks all doors and lights... No beeping for unlocking... On the rear of the control i have.... Press both lock and unlock for 2 seconds: Beep<----->quiet
  8. As SkiBumBrian said... Maybe it is only plastic melted... Lucky you there was people near to the Pathy to extinguish the fire!
  9. Change oil and oil filter today... Swap to Mobil 1, 5w30.
  10. I went to the oil center... They change it in 15 minutes, oil and oil filter. I put Mobil 5w30... Let see how it goes...
  11. I do city driving... Some road driving with variable characteristics... In the city you will find depending on the season of the year lots of water pools or dust... Hahahah you never know... You may have a beatifull sunny day... And suddenly cold storm with hail.... Hahahahaaha Does someone knows something about SK SIC oil? http://zicoil.pk Thanks!
  12. This tutorial might help.... http://forums.nicoclub.com/how-to-replace-instrument-cluster-lamps-t461756.html
  13. I am getting confused about the oil type and grade I have to use in my 2000 Pathy R50 VG33e... Reading about oil grade... All of you or most part of you (Pathfinder users) use 5w30 or 10w30 oil... But here (in Colmbia) I asked in some forums and they use 20w50 or similar... And they use mineral oil... I asked some mecanics... And they said you can use 20w50 or 10w30... Here in Bogotá (2600 meters altitude) we have dry and rain season... Temperature almost never goes down 0 celcius... And is difficult to have 28c or 30c... But if you drive two hours out of the city you can have 25c to 40c... And you woul be at 1000 meters altitude... Or you ca reach sea level and great summer weather at 4 hours ride.... Should I use 10w30 or 20w50... Mineral, synthetic or semi... Thanks! 👍

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