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  1. I just bought a complete set of front and rear polu bushings.
  2. What about refurbished injectors? Or made in China ones? Recomended brand?
  3. I forgot... What is that "Injector w/ blue or black or purple mark"? Made in China injectors: http://www.ebay.com/itm/6PCS-Set-New-FUEL-INJECTORS-For-NISSAN-3-3L-FRONTIER-PATHFINDER-/272442655060?hash=item3f6ed90154:g:hVgAAOSw44BYIgmC&vxp=mtr Refurbished: http://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/2000/nissan/quest/fuel_injection/fuel_injector.html RockAuto: http://www.rockauto.com/es/moreinfo.php?pk=5428347&jsn=2 Thanks.
  4. Hi everybody... A month ago or so, I did my commute travel with the pathy.. No problem... After few hours the motor still warm and started the truck... I felt a weird wouble vibration at the engine and after turning off the truck some smell to gasoline... one two minutes.. And went away... Since then when cold start the engine no weird vibration... On warm start... Vibration and smell to gasoline... A friend told me to use some cleanner aditive for injectors, valves, etc... I used this weekend... When to small trip out fo the city... The way out, no problem, the way back to home... A nighmare... The truck loose power... vibration, etc.. Yesterday I started again the truck, cold start... no problem... Let it warm for half hour... Turn it down, let it cool for one hour... Start the truck, vibration again... I think it might be a stuck or bad injector... Whent to the mechanic, told me same thing, maybe some ultrasound cleanning would work, in case of dirt... So if I have to buy injectors... Do I have to buy the 6 pack? What about refurbished injectors? Or made in China ones? Recomended brand? Over here the price is absurd its like double the price... So i thing i would buy them in the US and send them here...
  5. Went to the mechanic... I have to change left front bushings... I thing I will go for a full set of poly bushings... Maybe 4x4parts sets...
  6. I have 265/70r16 and i go between 34-36psi for urban riding...
  7. Nice ride! Which Rancho shocks did you install?
  8. Some times I get 32km gallon on the road or highway... At the city with terrible traffic jam I get 19km gallon 😰...
  9. Same here.... Ingalls camber bolts, with 35mm coil lift and 265/70r16 tires... They work great. 👍
  10. You can use 265/70r16 without problem... Well, maybe you will have small rubbing in reverse at full turn. 👍
  11. Changed the 4x4 green light indicator in the dashboard... lost 2 bolts during the process...

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