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  1. Thanks for the info guys! I know some of the Nissan cars had them. I found some good prices on Rockauto. Think Ill go ahead and order them.
  2. Was going to order a new CV axle online. Most ones I found say they are without the ABS ring. All the ones at the local parts stores are the same way. I've got an 01 with ABS. Should I stay away from those? Will that create issues?
  3. Senses Fail! Good music choice. Love that album
  4. I haven't posted a pic here since I joined last year. Here she is after my 2" lift
  5. Post some pics after you lift it. I love seeing lifted Pathy pics
  6. I think I may a trip down there May 14. Ya'll down?
  7. Maybe we can nail down some dates soon. Saturdays normally work best for me. Maybe sometime in May? I saw you joined over at NOAS as well. I'm the other newbie there. Lol. SFD is hard to come by right now. Krypton aren't shipping any at the moment and stopped production. There are 2 other guys claiming they are going to start making them. Most typically run 33's with the sfd but you have to get wheels with different backspacing or wheel spacers to fit them. You could always just get the spacers for now then add the sfd later for a total of 6 inches of lift.
  8. Here's a direct link I used. "Just in case" http://circuitboardmedics.com/2000-2003-nissan-pathfinder-ecu-ecm-repair/?gclid=CO_8w-OU4csCFdgKgQoduFQOYw
  9. You can put another ecm from another car but you will have to have it reprogrammed. Your keys won't work with the new ecm. I've heard that some locksmiths were able to do this but you may have to take it to the stealership to have it done. I didn't want to chance it so I had mine repaired. You would also do the idle relearn with the new ecm. Maybe someone that replaced theirs instead of repairing will chime in with more info.
  10. I sent my computer to circuitboardmedics.com when it happened to me. They repaired it for about $250 and shipped it back. Didn't have to have anything reprogrammed. Just did the idle relearn process and everything was fine.
  11. I went to uwharrie last year with my stock pathfinder. I did bottom out on some humps twice but it was soft dirt mounds. No harm done. It did really well. I have put 2" spacers on since then and removed my step rails for extra clearance. I plan on going back this season. Post here if you plan going and want an extra pathfinder to roll with. I know 2 other pathfinder owners in the area itching to go. It would be awesome to have a group of us go for a run.
  12. Scratch what I said with the relearn. That's only with a new ECM or repaired one, sorry
  13. The only reason I asked is because when mine went bad it burned up a component in my ECM. A guy from another forum help me pinpoint it. Did you do the idle relearn process after you put the new one on?

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