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  1. I replaced the PCV last year on my 02 se pathy and yes you have to take the intake manifold off to get to it... also for some reason the computers at Auto zone showed it as one that you just slip I. When in fact it's threaded and you will have to skrew it In. Since you have to take off the intake manifold I would go ahead and buy the gaskets the intake manifold as well and replace them.
  2. I hear ya... they really didn't explain what was wrong or what they fixed but if you want to give them a call I know it was called circuit board medics it's a place out of South Carolina and the turn around was very quick as well.
  3. Last year I had an idle fluctuation problem on my 02 pathfinder and it ended up being the ECM. I took it to the shop and they said for a new ECM and instal it would be around 1800$. So I ended up sending it to get rebuilt for 250$ and now it runs like a champ.
  4. So I have diagnosed the idle fluctuation problem as the ECM/PCM so I was wondering if it is possible to switch it out with an operating one from the junk yard and if so is there something else I need to replace along with the ecm I'm on a really tight budget so I'm just throwing that idea out there just wondering if it's actually possible or not? Is the ecm vehicle specific?
  5. here is another thing I don't know if its because the idle is high but after I turn it on with in 5 seconds the fan kicks on and it will never slow down. and the radiator gets really hot really fast but the temperature gauge does not show it as overheating at all the temp goes from cold to a little under half way hot then stops. and after turning on it heats up really fast as well. I am running out of ideas and I really hope its not the ECM because those things are expensive and I cant afford that. can I replace the ECM with one from a junk yard with out having to change anything else or is that too much of a hassle?
  6. I don't know I am just throwing things out there but does anyone think it might have to do with the TPS Sensor?? could that be causing the problems?
  7. Also does anyone know the how much to torque the intake manifold and valve cover gaskets?
  8. There are no codes showing and engine light does not come on at all.
  9. So I have a 02 pathy SE 4x4 and it first is idling high when you first start it then once it gets warm it starts to fluctuate from between 1200-1500 rpm. This all started happening after I changed the spark plugs. I have sence changed the iac valve and I am in the possess of changing the pcv valve. Now since i have to take off the intake manifold to get to the pcv valve does anyone have any ideas as to what else I can change or replace while the manifold is off and also what might be causing the fluctuating idle??? When I took apart the manifold there was one power valve that had lost the screws and the round valve was lodged in another power valve. I have replaced the screws and placed lock tight on them but I don't know if that is what is causing the problems. Thanks guys.

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