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  1. Pathy's becoming a DD pavement princess. Bought a 78 K5 blazer with a 454 BB on 37's to become the new play toy.

  2. All it needs is a signal from the brake pedal switch. Use a test light or Digital Multi meter to probe the wires from the back side of the plug, and it will be easy to figure out which wire you need.
  3. Yes, for removing the filter. But, when installing the new filter full of oil, sometimes it tends to get a little messy.
  4. I sell/install lift kits and stuff at work, and Rough Country makes junk. That may be the case for these UCA's, but generally, they sell crap.
  5. I would get the Superlift UCA's. Personally, I think Rough Country is junk.
  6. Spent about 8 hours scrubbing my aluminum wheels with some steel wool and polishing compound. I have literally never seen these things shine until now. Probably another 8 hours or so, and they will look brand spanking new. Also pulled my camper to the mountains for the weekend.
  7. Got my backup camera finally installed. Installed a mirror Rydeen makes that has the screen built into the mirror. Works great. So much easier hooking up to my camper now.
  8. Sounds like the fusible links connected to the battery. Have you checked all the relays? Checked all the fuses with a multimeter?
  9. Rewired my trailer wiring from the old school 6 pin round to the 4 pin flat. Had the do the same on my camp trailer to match it. Put in a new switch for my train horns. Also threw some Weathertech floor mats and the cargo mat in.
  10. I run the Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX and love them. Look good on the rig and haven't gotten stuck with them yet. Good all terrain tire that is studdable for the winter.
  11. Usually the starter gets covered in oil when someone is doing an oil change. The oil filter is right above, so when you pull it off it dumps oil on the starter. I have only ever changed it once or twice without spilling on the starter a little. You can relocate the oil filter to an easier location though.
  12. Looks good. I wish I could find a deal like that. ha
  13. Put my dash mat in. Only have two small cracks in the dash, so hopefully they stay put
  14. The aftermarket load bars won't actually increase weight capacity. Might have to fab up a custom roof rack with more anchor points for it to be sturdy. The factory rails might hold up for a little while, but over time, they will bend.
  15. Magnaflow makes a universal replacement cat for roughly $200. If it were me, I would just get that and the swap should be pretty easy. Save you some cash that way.
  16. Probably a good idea to add some grease zerks to that tire carrier too. They get really stiff, but if you can grease them the bushings should last longer.
  17. Looks good. I really like your front bumper.
  18. Changed out my dim side marker LED's for some Recon LED's. Much brighter.
  19. You've got to use an image hosting site such as Photobucket and use the link it gives you.
  20. Trying to come up with a holster idea for my M1911 45ACP. Anybody come up with something badass?

    1. mjotrainbrain


      For mounting in a Pathy? I would probably screw it to the trans tunnel so it's right next to my right thigh.

    2. RIPB.88


      Yeah, I've been test fitting and am thinking under the steering column. Easy access and out of the way.

    3. mjotrainbrain


      That would be a good idea. More concealed that way too!

  21. Not terrible. 90 MPH on the highway and you can feel it a little bit when the wind picks up. Its a little louder in heavy winds, but that's what my volume knob is for.
  22. I threw the Yakima Mega-warrior basket w/ extension on my roof with their spare tire mount to free up space in the back. My 31" spare didn't fit very well in the back and took up way too much space and also causes a blind spot. On the basket its out of the way and doesn't limit vision. Others here have mounted factory tire swings on the back because, if I'm remembering correctly, its braced for it already. The hard part is finding a swing in good shape.
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