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  1. My scanner either doesnt pull trans codes or didnt have any at the time i scanned Everyone except one guy who worked at a dealer says electrical And it makes sense to me
  2. From N to D it doesnt even register at dead halt Stays around 800ish In D it will act like N R, 1, and 2 will drop rpms No hard shifts No clunks Operates like it normally would
  3. At dead halt, and shifted to D very little power transfer Shift to 1 or 2 good to go Once she's in 3rd everything works normal including OD At highway speeds I can let off then accel and all works as it should Sound like yours?
  4. I can get it up to 20mph "manually shifting" and switch to D and all shifts fine Seems to only "act up" from a dead stop
  5. So I was coming off the highway and went to make a right turn hit the peddle and it decided to act like it was in neutral. Shifted into 1st had acceleration Shift into 2nd still going Shift into D it would carry on Come to a stop had to repeat R works fine as well. (Radiator is bypassed from transcooler, and trans fluid does not smell burnt) Any insight to what could be causing this is greatly appreciated
  6. Man i hope not. Besides the injectors i want to check maf and fpr Read that a bad fpr could cause the overflow issue Only thing is i can hear something click like crazy when keyed to acc Ill have more time later tonight to find the source
  7. All the injectors are stuck open and within seconds it will overflow and dump out the intake Anyone else have this sweet carmod happen?
  8. I figured i should have taken everything from the junkyard xterra but i was too late New plan sell just the super on ebay Found a site that sells all the gaskets from bottom to top, oil pump, and 1mm oversized pistons and rings as a kit Now my old block is sitting at the machine shop and the vg33er block will become a coffee table/jwfsol block Also taking injectors and rods from the vg33er. Excited for it to come back
  9. Has anyone put themselves through this swap? Im currently doing it, and looks like im gonna be wiring a lot. (Sorry for double post just trying to get ans)
  10. In the process of getting this done and i feel life is about to suck being how it looks like I'm going to be wiring a ton of stuff
  11. Can you pm me the details of how you got it done Specs and such.
  12. River044road


    Who has em for sale?!
  13. So I'm thinking of doing the sfd sometime soon and the stock rim and tire set-up would just look terrible, at least stock tire size would. The issue I see would obviously be the front because of the strut. How have some of yall gotten around that?
  14. Btw if anyone wants a pair of these ARB airbags I have some ready to go.
  15. Because he answered with a random response lol
  16. That might make sense though because it takes a while for oil to get back up to valve train.
  17. If the MAF was bad wouldn't you be able to see/feel performance drop?
  18. In cases when a cat wouldnt fix the code what else would have been faulty?
  19. I had a feeling that would be a craptastic mirror D: Im looking to do that same idea but with this- http://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics%C2%AE-TT-CM04-Widescreen-Headrest-Universal/dp/B008EQQSXA/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1383883011&sr=1-4&keywords=7+Inch+16%3A9+TFT+LCD+Widescreen+Car+Rearview+Monitor Thanks for the idea! It is defiantly going to help when going over hills. Nice to see what is on other side! BECAUSE RACE TRUCK!
  20. Haha never been a problem, but what does it not look like now you're making me suspicious that your're up to something suspicious. There's nothing illegal about it.
  21. This is what you really need to do http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/223/4093/PreviewComp/SuperStock_4093-3330.jpg

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