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  1. I took my pathfinder in today and the mechanic let me know that the vacuum cutoff valve was completely missing, and apparently has been for some time. He gave me a quote of $350 to replace the valve and clean the lines past it, which are considerably dirty according to him. Have any of you ever heard of this valve just mysteriously vanishing? I had Midas do a very blotched muffler install a few months ago that I had to have another shop correct.. possibly related? Do I really need to drop the cash? Thanks
  2. I just got the Magnaflow 11385 installed, as I've seen others here do. Might have had one of the worst experiences of my life, lol! I got there, front desk manager says it'll probably be an hour labor, 100 bucks. An hour after my 9 am Saturday appointment the mechanic looks at it. I tell him he can take out the spare and do dual to both sides (the muffler is dual in/out). He says having both exit at the same side on the rear passanger side would be easiest and least time consuming so I agree. Hour passed, gf asks if I want a ride, say it shouldn't be much longer. Couple hours pass, phone dies. Manager goes in and out saying it's coming along. I see lift go up and down repeatedly. Turns out I spend the whole damn day there with them doing trial and error to fit the tubing under there. Finally he has me come out and look at it at 5:30. There's twists and turns like crazy; I get a lot of "ya man, this is some sweet custom fab work". All that, and the tips, not the ones I originally requested, are crooked. Facepalm. Manager tries to bill me $415 saying he's cutting me a deal for the amount of man hours in it. I say hell no, I don't want to walk out of this shop paying more than $150. He would absolutely not take that. Made me walk out of the shop with a piss poor job for $250. So how was everyone elses Saturday? Haha P.s. - I wasn't sure what the expect but it doesn't sound half bad. Throaty and not at all "loud".
  3. I took my Pathy into Autozone for a diagnostic and I got the codes: P0442: evap control system- small leak detected, P0171: Fuel system lean bank 1, and P1490: vacuum cut valve bypass valve (circuit) Anything I should be deathly afraid of and have it serviced ASAP? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. I feel like the main consensus is to NOT go after market with the muffler then? lol
  5. I haven't posted here in awhile, but it looks like the threads in this subforum were a little gutted. Let me know if this has already been covered. The pipping from the muffler to the resonator rusted through so I removed the resonator, making the exhaust exit upwards under back 3/4 of the vehicle. The heat actually comes through into the cabin during long drives, which you can feel if you put your hand on the floor right behind the rear seats. I want to fix this problem, and possibly add a little exhaust note while I'm at it. Is there a flowmaster or magnaflow option that can be bolted on in place of the muffler that will add a mild growl and fix my problem? Let me know what you guys have done, thanks!
  6. How much did everything involved in the lift run you? I need to do this soon..
  7. Saw my very first lifted R50 here the other weekend. Wondering if that person has any affiliation to this site!
  8. I'm an impulse buyer... I got the "forklift" LOL
  9. Went to a local muffler shop because my resonator fell off, and so the exhaust is dumping straight up into the middle underneath... which actually melted the factory rubber mat in the back after a 4 hour trip! Anyways, he told me my whole exhaust set up needs replaced, quoting me $400 something. Total bullsh*t since everything is in fine condition, just needs to be piped out to the rear. I asked if there was any exhaust system that could free up a little HP, in his exact words he said "No, just go factory since it won't sound good". Ok Edit: Would be nice if someone got a recording from outside, like a driveby, at normal cruising speeds and maybe accelerating.
  10. So I'd like to be able to transport my road bike on the factory roof rack, using something that attaches to it. I found these: http://www.yakima.com/fit/Mounts?configId=26403&ConfiguratorType=Yakima&returnPath=%2FFit%2FBaseRacks%2F%3Fmake%3DNissan%26modelId%3D835%26year%3D2004%26factoryId%3D8%26hitch%3D0%26bikes%3D1%26skis%3D0%26flatwaters%3D0%26cargo%3D0%26carryPlace%3DTop%26ConfiguratorType%3DYakima%26dealerRedirectUrl%3D Does anyone have experience with them, or know of any cheaper alternative? Thanks!
  11. I was going to take my dog out and wasn't even purposely planning on going mudding originally. I was taking the backroads to a lake near here when I passed a minimum maintenance road and thought hell, I'll see where that goes. It was smooth sailing at first but we've gotten a bit of snow recently so the melt off created a good deal of mud on some stretches. I had probably gone a mile on it when it began to get much worse, I was sliding everywhere and having to gun it to gain any ground. I finally got to a point where I decided I couldn't go any further and got out hoping to find someone that could give me a hand. At this point I was a little concerned to say the least, since there didn't appear to be any farms around for miles. I decided to walk up the hill a ways, and wadya know.. I get to the top and there's a cattle farm in the near distance. My luck keeps improving because as I get closer I see there is a guy actually ON his tractor. I go up and ask if he could give a hand, was a really nice dude and meets me down there with an even beefier tractor. I thought HE was going to get stuck, and when he was turning around to back up to me he nearly slid into the ditch, I could only imagine that tractor tipping and creating much bigger problems. Turns out the tow hooks on the front were too large in diameter to fit his chain hooks but somehow we made it happen by resting them until the chain got tense and it held.. resulting in the hooks getting forced on to there so now I have a hook lodged in the front I'm sure I can hammer it off but I might just leave it for laughs. Anyways, I feel like that was a whole lot of luck on my part. I went back (despite his claims he wanted nothing in return) and brought a case of beer with some cash slid in. Dude saved my ass, it's the least I coulda done. Anyways, here's some pics, definitely added to my already eventful St. Patty's weekend!
  12. +1 for 245/75r16 Only rub is full lock in reverse, completely negligible
  13. For those with the JWT, where did you purchase it from?
  14. These things seem fairly expensive, are they well worth the money? (obviously that is a subjective question but in general I guess) Item in question: http://www.jimwolftechnology.com/customer_part_detail.asp?PartID=356
  15. Excuse my lack of knowledge as to what exactly a "subframe" is, sir!
  16. Completely off topic, but can jeep cherokees do a "subframe drop" seeing as they are unibody?
  17. About time we see a pathfinder in this color lifted up! Nice duratracs, too.
  18. Without going overly into details, what makes it such a mess?
  19. Pretty sweet, I've never once seen a skyline here in the states.
  20. I have 245 75 16s with zero rub except for full crank in reverse, which doesn't matter. (No lift, no trimming)
  21. As in why aren't lift springs greater than 2" made for pathfinders, there must be a reason?
  22. WJ 6.5" lift springs? What's the reason we can't get larger than 2"?

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