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  1. ahardb0dy

    Hello Pathfinder World

    Welcome to NPORA
  2. ahardb0dy


    The JDM engines are basically sold as a long block and you transfer all your external parts over to the JDM engine, The 2nd JDM VG30 I bought for my former 94 pathfinder, my mechanic that did the work only had to swap the throttle body (mine had cruise JDM engine did not), the valve covers were different and I had to grab some exhaust temp sensor from the old engine as the JDM engine did not have it. I was getting a code for it. I went cheap on that swap, we didn't even replace the spark plugs when he did the swap. Like a month later after I was sure the engine had no leaks and ran good, I did the normal full tune up on it. this was the pass. side head on the JDM engine when I replaced the gasket for the valve cover: Spotless inside !
  3. ahardb0dy

    Tilt steering column covers

    Bought a set of covers but the top does not fit, so still looking, thanks
  4. ahardb0dy

    Heads up on steering column covers

    Just a heads up, I just bought a used column cover from a member on another forum and went to install it and came across a problem, not his fault, I never even knew there was a difference in the top covers, this probably wouldn't be an issue on the Pathfinder a most probably came with tilt steering, just wanted to share what I found. pic below is the stock cover from my 93, non tilt that I modified to fit the tilt column, you can see the opening for the ignition cylinder is towards the rear. New/used tilt column cover from a 90 Pathfinder, you can see the opening for the ignition cylinder is towards the front: I also noticed the bottom cover from the 90 Pathfinder is not as deep as the one from my 93, but the bottom cover would have worked, I just had to move all the wires to the right side
  5. ahardb0dy

    Anatomy of a Nissan ignition lock assembly

    The little pins are removed by drilling a small hole next to each pin, than prying the pin out with a scribe tool or similar tool
  6. ahardb0dy


    Look online for a JDM VG30, I bought 2 for my previous 2 Nissan trucks, both ran perfectly, you may need to swap over parts from your current engine. You can usually find a JDM VG30 for about $600
  7. ahardb0dy

    What's this thing?

    My former 87 Hardbody never passed emission tests on it's own, with full emissions, cat and everything. I heard way back, not sure if it was true that Nissan rushed the VG30i into production and is why they had emission problems ??
  8. Compression/strut rods are dealer or junkyard only, Torsion bars I would recommend Sway A Way
  9. ahardb0dy

    Moon roof (visor)

    I worked in a 4x4 shop back in the best times for the Nissan trucks, 87 -90 ish, We installed many visors and all were made by Lund. Not saying there wasn't another company out there but I do not recall one off hand. There was a company that made them out of metal that were shaped differently than the Lund visor. I have a very old Jobber price book from one of the warehouse's who we got our parts from, I'll look through it and see if I can find another company.
  10. ahardb0dy

    New guy from Long Island, NY

    welcome I'm from Long Island, now living in Florida
  11. ahardb0dy

    Need to fix my AC

    Does the AC clutch engage when you turn the AC on? May just be low on freon.
  12. ahardb0dy

    WD21 Pathfinder Radiator Replacement

    I always recommend OSC radiators from Rockauto, they seem to be a good part
  13. ahardb0dy

    Tilt steering column covers

    painting one would be an option too I guess. Mine cracked on the top, I think it was due to the wiper switch I used when I did the variable wiper swap rubbing against the top/
  14. ahardb0dy

    Tilt steering column covers

    Thanks, after 93 the covers are different because after 93 the trucks went to the round dash
  15. ahardb0dy

    Tilt steering column covers

    Looking for a red tilt steering column cover (upper and lower) for my 93 Hardbody, 93 is the bastard year but it still has the square dash. Thanks

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