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  1. Show the lady that saw it get towed away pictures of pickup trucks from that era, if she can identify the model then you can at least talk to people in the neighborhood and see if they know someone with a similar vehicle. Good luck with the search.
  2. You could always run an aftermarket fuel gauge that matches your factory ohm range, but it would be neater to have the dash gauge work properly.
  3. If you know the ohm range for the fuel guage then all you need to do is get a universal fuel sender to match that range. The fuel sender is usually adjustable in length to suit different sized fuel tanks so you can get a proper reading and so the pickup can reach the bottom of the tank.
  4. When you thought you could hear your kids whining in the back seat but really it was just your gearbox.
  5. I can't stand when people only sell 4 or are only willing to buy 4 matching pairs of a rim, it just doesn't make sense .
  6. Yeah it's something like $40k in importing taxes not including freight itself i think, then there's the rhd conversion and insurance would be through the roof as its imported.I guess you could say the grass is greener on the other side, but yeah I would have agree that i'm happy with my wd21 also.
  7. I actually saw one of those at the wreckers a while ago and im pretty sure it got crushed .
  8. Plenty of patrols, landcruisers and hilux's down here. Jeeps are sold in dealerships here so they are kinda common but most 4wders hate them. The pickup trucks that you have (and I mean the dedicated haulers not frontiers or tacomas) like ford f series dodge rams etc. those are the ones that are sought after. We have crazy vehicle import taxes here for vehicles built after a certain year (89 i think?) so it gets pretty pricey e.g a 2013 f350 is $130k+ or a 2013 mustang gt500 is $275k. But yes I would like a pickup truck that was made for hauling, jap or american.
  9. They look much better in swb but I still prefer a wd21. These are about as common as you guys have jeeps or lifted pickup trucks.
  10. Do you like pre-runner style trucks?
  11. This is my h233b diff, the lsd sticker is said to be the most durable part on the pathfinder but as you can see it hasn't been there for some time, if that's the case then i'm in some serious trouble.
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