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Toyota's "old school" look on an R50

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I'm kind of tired of not seeing anything at night and I was planning on retrofitting some Morimoto projectors. While considering it, I was looking at Toyota's 70 Series LC anniversary edition and the relatively minor tweaks they did to the front end (blacking out headlights, grille, old school logo):




I think it looks great without going overboard. I put my rusty Photoshop skills to good use and came up with this:





The idea would be blacking out the headlight surrounds while retrofitting the projectors and getting a Patrol Y60 grille emblem (I think I oversized it above, should be smaller). There are some similar headlights already on eBay but they are both: A. Crap and B. They paint the turn signal reflector which is dumb.


Yay? Nay? Not sure if I like it myself. Looks different alright but not sure if it fits the car.

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I'm not normally a fan of painting headlights, but IMO that look suits it. Breaks up some of that chromed plastic where it's not doing anything.


Not sure about the grille. I replaced the emblem on mine with a rubber rat's head, though, so maybe I'm not the guy to talk to about tasteful grille mods.

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I think it looks good. I think I've seen someone do similar with the NISSAN lettering on the grill but I can't find the image... I think it may have been a honeycomb style grill though. 


If you end up doing this please keep us posted!


Also - I was looking into doing retrofit headlights as well, but on one of the Pathfinder Facebook groups a guy posted who is making these - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1166716931/darthfinder-5x7-headlight-enclosures and I ordered a set. It allows you to run 5x7 sealed beam style LED headlights. Was closer to a plug and play so I figured I'd give it a shot.. Not completely sold on the look, but I wasn't quite ready to tackle a DIY retrofit kit and like you I'm tired of the factory halogens...

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I say YAY.

A mesh grill would make the front end pop some more for less effort but your design would be unique and look just as good if not better if you don't mind the work. 

A guy did this grill design to his Xterra and it turned out great. Blacked out edges of headlights look great also. 



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