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  1. I'll preface this by saying that I have a VQ35 Pathfinder and don't have direct experience with a VG Pathy, however: 1. It's my understanding that the VG's are pretty under-powered. For example I was following a friend and former 3.3 Pathy owner who still frequents NPORA forums ( @zakzackzachary ) up a highway grade. He radioed me and asked how my 3.5 was doing out of curiosity - I never went beyond 1/4 throttle and stayed in 3rd gear the whole way up. He said that his 3.3 would have been screaming at full throttle by the top of that grade just to keep up with traffic (correct me if I'm wrong Zack). I would expect this to be even worse at Colorado elevations. 2. Your 3.3 is a stout engine - I wouldn't be super concerned about running at 3.5-4k RPM for a period - it can handle it. Because of this I'd be more concerned with the over heating. Consider checking the condition of the radiator, doing a coolant flush, check for coolant leaks, check condition of the radiator cap seal etc. I'm open to being corrected by others as well...
  2. I THINK you'll be okay with the SE roof rack. I've seen others run heavier traditional soft-shell RTT's which are probably 120-130lbs. I'm not aware of published load ratings for the rack but maybe someone else is...
  3. Looks great! I somehow get trail rub in the rear that caused me to break some of the fender flare clips with 31X10.5 tires, 3.75" backspacing, and 33-185552 Bilstien 2" extended shocks... I'll be interested in seeing what solution you come up with.
  4. I think it looks good. I think I've seen someone do similar with the NISSAN lettering on the grill but I can't find the image... I think it may have been a honeycomb style grill though. If you end up doing this please keep us posted! Also - I was looking into doing retrofit headlights as well, but on one of the Pathfinder Facebook groups a guy posted who is making these - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1166716931/darthfinder-5x7-headlight-enclosures and I ordered a set. It allows you to run 5x7 sealed beam style LED headlights. Was closer to a plug and play so I figured I'd give it a shot.. Not completely sold on the look, but I wasn't quite ready to tackle a DIY retrofit kit and like you I'm tired of the factory halogens...
  5. I'll preface my response by saying I am no means an expert on this - so take it for what it is.... I was going to suggest a road force balance so I would wait until that is complete without going much further. That said it's probably worth jacking your front end up and double checking your wheel bearings for extra play as well as making sure your ball joints, tie rods etc. don't have excessive play just to definitively rule that out. It may also be worth playing around with different tire pressures (plus or minus 5psi or so) to see if you can dial the wobble down a bit that way. Were your steelies brand new or did you pick them up used? Are you confident a wheel or 2 isn't bent/warped? How bad is the wobble? I also have steelies and 31's and I have a tiny bit of wobble at freeway speeds but it's so minor I have to be actively thinking about it to even notice. Steel wheels and oversized AT/MT tires are notoriously hard to balance so it may be the nature of the best... Hope that helps.
  6. Off topic for this thread but this seems to be what you are looking for - https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/arb-sahara-bar-black-3938040/_/R-BHWQ-3938040
  7. Coastal Offroad makes a weld it yourself kit that I believe is winch ready - https://www.coastaloffroad.com/product-category/1996-2004-pathfinder/ Other popular option would be ARB
  8. Finally have a couple of new updates. Installed front & mid skid plates as well as a missing link from SF Creation. I had the front plate, and missing link powder coated by Steve, but left the mid in raw aluminum. Also got a rear window molle panel that a guy who is local to me was fabricating and selling them in one of the Pathfinder Facebook groups. He sells them in raw aluminum, but I went ahead and painted them in rattle-can bed liner. Install was a bit of a pain, and made me wish I had an additional arm to hold the thing in place (he doesn't pre-drill the holes etc. so you have to mock it up etc.). Came out pretty good in the end though. I also got a gift certificate for Weather Tech for my birthday, and since I already have their mats and rear cargo liner I opted to try out their seat back protectors to gain some additional storage options. They are not cheap but as with all Weather Tech products they are made in the USA & are very high quality. They don't install the way that is intended on the seat bottom so I routed the straps underneath the brackets that bolt the seats to the floorboard, and it worked great.
  9. Got it. I'm surprised they settled like that so quickly. It may be worth letting us know what brand of spring you got so others can steer clear... My advice (as I detailed in my first response) would be go with a high quality OEM replacement springs. I don't think a lift will be worth it for your use-case.
  10. I suppose that's true - I took it as he replaced the rear with cheap replacement springs and they are already sagging/worn without a load. OP - Are you able to clarify if you are sagging without a load, or sagging when loaded with camping gear/trailer/etc.?
  11. If I were you I wouldn't do spacers - or even a lift. From what I've seen most people that go with spacers at first end up wanting to switch to springs soon after because the ride/handling is so compromised. On top of that with spacers you're changing the entire geometry of the front suspension and running the risk of wearing out your CV Axles. If this is your daily driver, and you only use it occasionally on light forest roads why lift at all? A lift in general will only make it worse to drive on the street (higher center of gravity resulting in worse cornering/handling & increased rollover risk, decreased gas mileage because of increased coefficient of drag etc.). Go with a good quality OEM replacement suspension and your Pathfinder will serve your needs extremely well and will be plenty capable tackling your camping trips. That's my opinion and welcome yours.
  12. I haven't - but I have heard good things about the Sumo Springs kit which seems to be a similar product - https://www.superspringsinternational.com/shop/ssr-625-40/ . Here is a video that was done with these on a Pathfinder for reference -
  13. Now that you mention it I do think they're aluminum.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to post this @hawairish. I may be hitting the pause button, and looking for a fabricator.. The mounts are a good idea - I have the factory side steps kicking around..
  15. Hmm - this is what I was concerned about. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. That would be great! I was looking at the Super Sliders as well. I appreciate it!
  17. Hey all, So I've done some searching around the forum and have seen some mixed reviews of the Rocky Road sliders - https://www.rocky-road.com/pathfinder-rock-sliders.html but haven't seen any recent posts about them. Is there anyone on the forum currently running them, or that has direct experience? My situation is that I do not have garage space (street parking only) nor the skills/tools/welding experience to do a weld-on slider myself so I would have to both find and pay a welder to do it - which is why I'm gravitating more toward a bolt-on solution that I am confident I can tackle. Additionally I'm far from a hardcore rock-crawler so getting sliders for me is for some additional peace of mind in tackling more difficult trails so I don't have to worry as much about damaging anything. Because of this I don't really anticipate slamming the sliders on rocks from a couple of feet etc. and my thought is maybe the bolt-on sliders would be enough for any incidental contact with rocks, downed branches etc. with the additional benefit of easier access to the roof rack. Any advice here is welcome!
  18. I've been quietly following your progress on the Facebook groups, but happy to have you over here as well. Question - how has demand been for these? Reason I ask is I have other plans for my Pathfinder's modification budget for this year, but will likely be in the market for one of your racks around this time next year so I was curious if you anticipate still offering these for the foreseeable future. Thanks in advance!
  19. I don't think you have to worry about little self tappers..
  20. Well it appears we lost almost a year of posts here so I thought I'd repost some of what I had done in that time just in case any of it will be helpful to anyone in the future. U-Bolts for mounting X-Bull type traction boards to the SE Roof Rack. I added adhesive felt to the top, and shrink wrap to the bottom to help protect the rack: Installed Midland MXT275 mobile GMRS radio installed in upper-portion of the center console with supplied antenna on the roof (excuse all the dog hair in these shots): Short antenna from cravenspeed.com. I was tired of the huge factory antenna getting hung up on branches of narrow trails. This is listed on their site as a Nissan Frontier part but works great: And some beauty shots C/O @PathyDude17 & @zakzackzachary & myself, as well as a video walkaround on Tyler's channel: Up next is a set of skid plates & missing link that is on order from SF Creation...
  21. Hey all, I know this sub board isn't super active but I wanted to put a feeler out there to see if there is any interest in a PNW NPORA meetup this summer 2021. I'm thinking a day trail run, or even an overnight weekend caping trip etc. I'd love to put some faces to screen names and see everyone's rigs! I'm in Portland - Maybe there is a good halfway point between here and Seattle that could work for most? Putting it out there...
  22. Agreed - I feel like the buyer got a good deal, and you could easily sell for the same if not a profit in the local market.. The market is kind of insane right now - I just sold my old daily (2012 Volvo S60) on Craigslist for $800 more than I paid for it in 2017 with 30k less miles. Also I used to live in Southern Oregon so let me know if you need any recommendations for down there..
  23. Looks like it sold for $5600 so I wasn't too far off... I see a few other guys from the forums commented to welcome the new owner, and even a bid from @RainGoat!
  24. I think it'll go for quite a bit more than that. You're absolutely right about gaskets/seals etc. however even in a private sale here in the Pacific Northwest 4x4's (including pathfinders) go for much more than that (I paid more for my 02 SE with 110k miles last year when I bought it, and the seller showed me texts from other buyers behind me coming from all over the state willing to pay his full asking price). This site gets a ton of traffic and attention because it's Doug Demuro's site. I frequent this website to keep an eye on the various market trends and I'd be shocked if it goes for less than 6k honestly, and suspect it will be higher than that...

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