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96 R50 vs 03 R50 Bumpers

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On 3/17/2022 at 5:47 AM, RainGoat said:

@TowndawgR50 did a front end swap between a prefacelift (‘96 I think) & an ‘03.

Good to know, I just had to replace the front bumper and it was not easy finding parts for a '97.  Eventually found them probably won't be able to next time.

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5 hours ago, RainGoat said:

I believe it’s written up on the NPORA forum in@ferrariowner123 build thread.@micahfelker now owns it.

Found it, thank you; good to know for the future in case another idiot tries to pull out of a parking lot into opposing traffic. Too bad I didn't know about it earlier I probably would have gone the later version route, the front end seems a little more streamline on those.

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