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Anyone know where this goes...?


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I had my VG30 engine rebuilt and when I took it in, there were still some pieces attached like the flex plate and some of the brackets.


I got it back with those items removed and cleaned along with a box of the bolts. But for the life of me, I can't figure out where this one came from... It's a thumb screw with a heads hex wrench head. And it isn't off from the plenum because that had already been removed. It's got to be off the block or the heads.


Anyone have any ideas...?



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Thanks guys. Yup found the hole it goes in on the bottom of the bracket on the LH side head. That bracket it pretty much useless other than being the slinger attachment point and a good spot to hook up the chains for my hoist.


Spare parts always bother me, so glad this one got figured out.


Of course it also bothers me that the engine block has holes in it that don't get used... kind of wish they would have plugged those at the factory so it would be more obvious that you aren't missing something.

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6 minutes ago, Mr_Reverse said:

Us professional mechanics call those "extra" parts "over the shoulder parts". 


That's funny.


I usually just save them for next time I can't find a bolt that 'I know I just set it down over here somewhere'.

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