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  1. Like I said, I've never been inside of a Nissan rear axle. One of the reasons I didn't try to tackle the job myself. I looked all over YouTube and found a ton of videos on axle repairs but none of the axles looked like mine and they didn't really explain anything. Found a few people who offered to rebuild or sell a rebuilt center assembly, but they would never give a straight answer on a price. I was on the way to Aamco when I stumbled across the guy who fixed it for me.
  2. This weekend I'm going to take a water hose and see if I can make it leak.
  3. Someone else recently had the same issue, but I can't find the post again. I have water leaking in when it is raining hard, doesn't seem to leak in a light rain. It is dripping down from very near to when the sun visor fastens. I've looked around on top and can't find any noticeable holes. Could there be a hole hidden up under the trim piece to the luggage rack?
  4. Unlock button on the fob is the only way to get mine to shut up too.
  5. I'm not a rear axle man myself. Infact I don't think I have ever been inside a rear axle before or if I have it has been years ago. Whatever the guy did he fixed the clunking that was going on. This was a very noticeable clunk when you let up on the gas going down the highway or pull forward after backing up. First time I heard it I though I had hit a rock or something in the road, but just before I finally found someone to work on it for me, it got to where you could also feel the clunking and it was getting very noticeably louder. Also before, with the truck on the ground and trans in neutral and could easily twist the drive shaft at the rear axle back and forth from 12 O clock to just a hair past 2 O clock.
  6. I know what you mean there. My 96, you can barely see the fluid on the dipstick it is so hard to see.
  7. Friend of mine has a 1996 LE like mine and he has had the exact same issue with Dorman bushings. I just had my steering rack replaced because it was leaking like a lawn sprinkler. Not sure what brand bushings came with the replacement kit.
  8. Apparently someone who didn't know what they were doing changed out the ring gear and pinion and had things all screwed up. I was expecting to have to buy a complete rebuild kit the way it was thumping and banging back there, but he said all he needed to do was take it apart and clean everything and put it back together the correct way. He did replace the bearings because the outers didn't look too hot.
  9. My 1996 Pathfinder used to do that and I ended up having to buy a key fob and program it to the car which was real simple to do. Before the only thing that would shut it up was disconnecting the battery and waiting ten minutes for the stupid alarm system to reset. That key in the drivers door thing doesn't work on a 96 LE because I've tried it a hundred times. I did get the lock and unlock the back glass trick to work once, but only once. I have a post on here somewhere from where I was having issues with mine. I originally wanted to disconnect the alarm system but from 1996 (just my darn luck) the alarm system is integrated into the wiring and cannot be removed.
  10. It did it again a few days later but that time I found the issue. The plug going to the distributor was loose on the distributor because the holding clip is broke off somehow. I put a couple wraps of high voltage tape around the connection for now and so far it hasn't done it again.
  11. I finally found a person who took care of the issue without a line of bull@!*%. I told him to give me a price to fix the damn thing and he gave me a price, we agreed on it and he fixed it. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but would have been if I had kept driving it. He even did a rear brake job for me for no extra charge.
  12. I finally found a person who took care of the issue without a line of bull@!*%. I told him to give me a price to fix the damn thing and he gave me a price, we agreed on it and he fixed it. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but would have been if I had kept driving it.
  13. Sorry about the late reply. Changed both front and rear sway bar links and bushings. Looks like the bushing on my front drivers side lower control arm is bad. Every bushing in the rear have been replaced (invented a whole new dictionary of cuss words pressing the old bushings out).
  14. My 1996 LE sways terrible at high speeds like 65 to 70 mph. All the rear end bushings were replaced a few months ago as well as the rear shocks because it used to wobble. The front bushings don't show any visible signs of being bad. The rack and pinion was just replaced a few months ago due to a massive fluid leak out the seals and front end was supposedly aligned. The front wheel bearings were just recently cleaned and repacked during a front break job and I double checked the tightness today thinking I had a loose wheel bearing, but there were still tight. Also check pressure in all four tires and they were fine too. What else could it be? Weak or bad front struts?? Dragging brake pad or shoe?? I'm at a total lose.

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