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Highlift Mounts

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Hey guys,


Who has em? My highlift kicked around in the cargo bay for 3 years and I got sick of it. I have it currently wedged between the spare tire and tiregate. That seems to work well on the road, but I have my doubts offroad. THis really only works because someone stole my nice spare, so I just have a stocker 31 on the back for now...


I also have cross bars for my roof rack, but as I mount kayaks up there and such, there's no room up there.


NOTE: I do not have a welder. So I'm looking for a cheap and practical way to attach it to the tiregate I guess.


I saw some of these: Hi-Lift Jack TM-700 1"-2" Adjustable Tube Mount, on a Jeep roll cage and they looked great! but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY To big for the tiny tubes on the back of our Tiregates..




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I used those. Took my truck down to a local fab shop (before the tranny died) and had them welded to the top tube of my tire carrier for the cost of a 12pk of beer.


I really like these. Do you have the welded horizontally or vertically? (I guess...the bolts horizontally along the rail or vertically).

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4wheel drive hardware just might have what you are looking for.


product number h/ltm-700 comes in 1"- 2" mount or a 2"- 3" mount.


I saw these, I but I think they will make the jack stick out too far. I'm trying to decide if above the spare tire like this: - or if I mount it at an angle across the carrier like this: \ or /. so many options!

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I just installed a hi lift mount as well. I copied the idea of the 4 wheel parts mount, but I used a flat bumper hi lift mount. You can usually find these cheap from the jeep guys. This one has been sitting around in the garage for years.


Pretty basic install. just remember that the passenger side of the tire rack is double tube, so thats why I have the u bolts.

2 inch bolts and ubolts from Home Depot ( I eye balled the size) plus the u bolts came with a flat bar, but because the mount already had holes, i was able to use it on the underside of the single tube (u bolts were too long for the single tube side, could have stacked washers, but it would have looked lame) crank em hard and they are on there solid.


I opted to mount the heavy side of the hi lift to the hinge side. Wing nuts and a cotter pin to keep the jack in place. Easy removal when you aren't needing it. Im happy... next up shovel and axe


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Too bad welding was out of the question, I wanna see a wd21 with a cowl mounted high lift! (And am cheap so it ain't happening here unless I find one dirty cheap :lol: )


Would the hood still open all the way if it were mounted to the cowl? I'll see if I can talk David in to welding me some brackets, hahahaha.

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Would the hood still open all the way if it were mounted to the cowl? I'll see if I can talk David in to welding me some brackets, hahahaha.

That could be a dill of a pickle... Haven't found a jack in a junk car to make mounts and try myself :lol:
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