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The Importance of Filling In Your Profile


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Hi all,

Have a looksie at the information to the left of this post... under my avatar, you will see:


Group: Admin

Posts: too many

Joined: 28-October 04

From: Toronto, Ontario


Model: XE *

Year: 1999.5 *

Group, Post Count, and Join Date are automatically filled in.

From, Model & Year are up to you. (*Model & Year have just been added to this view.)


Why is it important I fill these in??

This information is now displayed under your name in the post view to make it easier for everyone to help you. When you post in the garage, or your "year" section for help on your pathfinder, it makes it a lot easier for others to relate, and offer advice if they know what year and model pathfinder you have. Knowing your location is also helpful to other users. It would be of no use to tell someone from New Zealand that they can pick up the part that will save the day at 'Canadian Tire'. On the other hand if I know you live near me, I may know a local non-franchised store that can help you out.


Hello, some privacy please?

I don't see any stalkers being able to hunt you down by knowing the year and model of your pathfinder. If you are concerned about location, keep it general. No need to post which section, of which small town you are in, just give a general location.


How do I fill this information in?

Under the banner on the top right hand side you will find a list of links... Click on MY CONTROLS




This will take you to your control panel. Scroll down, until you see Edit Profile Information (Listed under "Personal Profile" on the left had side)




Here you can enter all your pathfinder & personal information as required.


Uh, why am I filling in Location twice?

We're checking for consistency... trying to catch you if you lie... :D Kidding!

The first listing is mandatory for registration. The second is linked to the information under your name as per above. Please be sure to fill both in.


What if I have more than one pathy?

I would suggest you put in the information for the pathfinder you use, or work on the most. Otherwise, you will have to specify which pathfinder you are referring to when you need help. You can also list both pathfinders in your signature.


You've missed XXX information...

If a year, or model is missing, please PM myself or another admin, or post below, and we will fix this.

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WE HAVE JUST ADDED "MODEL AND YEAR" to your post profile information.

Please be sure your year is correct.


Also, as the MODEL option is new, it will not be filled in already, please go into your profiles and update accordingly.



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Sorry it was the E utility.




this is how they list the trims

Other Pathfinder Trims

• Pathfinder E Utility


• Pathfinder SE Utility


• Pathfinder XE Utility


I'm sure I saw the term used when I first trolled the board a long time ago before I even got the 93

Edited by redfinder
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Rethinking just how "good" of an idea this was Pezzy? :lol:


Maybe just WD21, R50, etc? :D


Well, we can tell that from the year.


Meh, I should be done soon... :D (I hope!)

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TEX!!! Quit photoshopping and give poor Pezzy a break!!! P...






Damn, could they get that trailer hitch any lower? It doesn't look like it will quite catch on speed bumps yet... :blink:




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TEX!!! Quit photoshopping and give poor Pezzy a break!!! P...



Damn, could they get that trailer hitch any lower? It doesn't look like it will quite catch on speed bumps yet... :blink:


You don't remember my Photoshop "skills" do you? :D




Like MY custom sig :aok:


*Goes off to look for more models to bug Pezzy with* :lol:

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That's very Zen of you Pezzy. :clap:



Awe man, Tex hates me too?

Nah, indifferance is the best you can hope for... :D


Tex, download GIMP. It's free, non buggy, no add on crap software that is 80% as good as Photochop. Play with it for a few hours and you'll have the hang of the basics. Best freeware I have ever come across... :beer:



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