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  1. i guess what im asking is that if i were to just floor the gas pedal will it rev the engine past 6k until it just self destructs or will it cut spark/fuel. i know i have gone past the dotted red line (5.5k) many times with no problem (smoke isnt a problem). but i know a lot of cars that i have had before like newer civics will cut the spark and you can just do a burnout with the pedal to the floor and it will cut spark so it doesent go past the red line and bend valves, it will just rev and bounce around the red line.
  2. i have never had the balls to test if my car has one... can some one give more input? note: 93 honda accords dont, i USE to have one. lol.
  3. i know some car companies (honda) will replace the seat belts if they are slow to retract, torn, or dont work... for as long as the car exists, for free. does nissan do the same? my seat belts all dont retract and pop out of the buckle sometimes...
  4. does any one know the stock wheel offset? i have steelies on my truck now with 3O x 9.5 R15 but the wheels stick out too far from the fenders, i want some that look more stockish... thanks
  5. you could have broke some carbon loose with the sea foam and then sucked it up and clogged the oil pick up screen, i would check the oil pressure... my truck has the intermittent lifter noise in "waves" too imo it was due to the oil pressure fluctuating a little with worn lifters.
  6. on that year i dont think the cv axles turn unless in 4 wheel drive so you will be fine until you need 4x4 but till then use duct tape
  7. some times the fuse link will get corroded from the inside and the insulation on the outside is normal looking, try twisting or feeling through it to see if there i still wire in it. i would check the crank sensor signal i think its in the distributor...
  8. i dont belive in using any additives at all ive seen most of them do more damage then any benefit, besides lucas oil or higher end brand stuff. as for the coleman oil or a engine oil solution to break up deposits... i have seen that clog the oil pick up screen and then your screwed, and have to remove the oil pan. just do regular oil changes and you will be fine use good oil too and you wont have any problems
  9. all the post cat sensor does is to test to see if the cat is working, if your car was running rich for a long while you could have burnt out your cat could be expensive test the o2s before you do anything or you can go under it and beat on your cat with a fist to hear if the inside material has broken loose it will rattle around in there
  10. are you sure its a knock from detonation or from metal contact like rod? as far as the oil light goes i wouldnt worry about it since it turns off quickly, need heavier oil?
  11. 15 inch rims is basicly a standard size for trucks there is more tire options for this wheel, but as for 16 inch rims is the "new school" popular wheel size but its usually more expensive. as for wheels a lot interchange as toyota trucks, isuzu, some chevy trucks. i say stick with steelys because they are cheap ($25 new), durable, basic.
  12. my last car which was a 91 lincoln towncar was searched almost every time it was pulled over and i had that for like 6 months and was pulled over too many times to count. when i got my pathfinder i have had it for almost a year and only been pulled over once. its a good thing this car isnt suspicious looking because cops do profile.
  13. mine did when i first got it it leaked through the screw holes on the hinges, i unscrewed the rear window from the hinges and used gasket sealer on the rubber piece, hasnt leaked since. honda bond is the @!*%.
  14. so my car has about 220000 miles and the transmission is noisy in all gears but 4th, i was wondering if any one else has tried to fix this or is it cheaper to replace the whole thing? i have a friend that works at a tranny shop and i can get a deal on parts/labor.
  15. just took a road trip and when your listening to the stereo at full blast your gas mileage gets worse and i can see my rpms drop when the bass hits
  16. compared to other cars its age i dont think its that bad like 4runners(3.0l) are definitely slower but i think a chevy blazer (4.3l) could take it
  17. so i know you can stretch out the coils on the passenger side but my brake lines are all slanted at the fire wall any one know a way to make them look prettier? and also my abs light came on too...
  18. there is 2 different kinds dont know they year split but there is square tooth(early) and round tooth (later) and as for the 100k belt its the same exact part as the 60k belt
  19. if you had one it should come on with key on and then go off, and im pretty sure you would know where that is... and im pretty sure that some pathfinders just dont have it
  20. so i know my low gas light doesent work and i see no check engine light on during bulb check... did some just not have any light?
  21. went to the junk yard and i was looking for some jgc springs and i saw a 2 door pathfinder with red coils in back. it didnt look lifted that much any one know what they can be?
  22. i didnt have one... but now i do. just got one today off of a GMC jimmy or equivalent from the mid 90's fits a pathfinder perfectly with roof lines wish i had a pic...
  23. so i got the kit off of 4x4parts.com and lifted it so far but i had a hand full of bolts left over any one else get this? and i also dont get the rear bumper to relocate...

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