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  1. valvoline lol... why else is mobil 1 the oem in most sports cars? the only choice but i cant say because i use whats cheapest
  2. well thats what im asking is the thule or yakima rack worthy to abuse or should i just get a permanent style rack? i dont really like the oem one because its hard to find and one thing that i was thinking about is the roof rack off a 90's chevy jimmy it looks about the same size and there is a lot at my local junk yard
  3. my pathfinder didn't come with a stock one and its got just a bare roof, i like the way the yakima setups look but i would rather have one that is more solid/permanent. does any one here have the yakima and could please give me info about it? or any other advice...
  4. so i have this interlock switch and it seems to do nothing, is it suppose to be held in or is mine broke? info please...
  5. when drilling a broken stud, if you drill all the way thru the bolt and feel the drill hit the gap between the bottom(it wont hurt anything if you tap the bottom), make sure you use a straw on your penetrating oil and stick it to the bottom of the hole and then oil can get to the inside of the threads and out side, also they make penetrating oil that has c02 in it to cool
  6. so my ride is a little abused looking and i just want to shaker can the whole rig flat black and every one tells me it looks ghetto but, i like the look and i say when ever i get a new dent i can just touch it up with a 2 second fix that i wont stress about. i personally like the look and i know it doesnt stand up to the weather but i mean a can of flat black is under 10 bones and thats nothing.
  7. ive heard both sides: suspension will be easier but will change the allignment charisticstcs, and a body lift will keep the center of gravity lower but will keep the ride the same. which one is better then the other what is your opinion?
  8. drinking and driving is illegal? i encourage it completely. i believe it helps you think more clearly, as i type this message i just drove out of the sticks. i mean if your not breakin stuff your not drivin hard enough, even though every time after i drive drizzled, my car has more strange noises and feels different as if i was driving the piss out of my car the night before...
  9. so my 92 has about 210,000 miles on it and i only had it about 2 months but is it common for the lifters to go flat and be noisy at this mileage? ive seen a few other posts bout this but just wondering if im alone here...

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