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  1. Removed the center headliner to fix the sagging vinyl.trying to fix a slight leak in the passenger part of windshield exterior trim.
  2. Question for an Admin. I suppose...when was NPORA started? Who started?..
  3. Strut rod bushings installed on both sides. About to go check that they haven't loosened since install.No torque wrench..but tight as f@#k seems about right. Things hadn't moved since they spoke Japanese.
  4. Replaced driver side strut rod bushings.. No rust but breaking them loose was rough.about to finish other one..hopefully it'll go a little faster.
  5. I discovered that my strut rod bolts are torqued to 2 million ftlbs.no rust..but I'd bet the farm they haven't moved since they were in Japan.
  6. ..to Tennessee...that's home for me.Gonna have to look it up
  7. Its amazing the effect new sway bar bushings had.The steering felt super loose...two simple bushings and it stiffened the wheel up significantly. Still have to do the ends but it's a great start.
  8. Where in Tn did u move man?
  9. Thanks for the input y'all. Amazingly even with rotten bushings the alignment isn't as bad as you'd think.A gradual drift to the right but nothing you really have to fight.
  10. The options are..plastic backed for sewing..iron on...and Velcro... Same price regardless.. I'm good with Velcro..
  11. Luckily the prices I've seen to do a run of a fairly simple design isn't really all that bad.Personally just want a hat..I figured a patch is pretty versatile.. Hat ..jacket ..bags of whatever type.Not trying to make money... Just figured if I'm getting it done.. Why not share.You can get small batches of one design or another..a few of the classic oval..few back country silhouette (good idea by the way)...whoever wants one til there gone..(cant cost much to mail a patch)...sounds good to me.
  12. They'll auction it off eventually I'd think...long after case is resolved
  13. Those are great.Definitely ordering a decal.I'd love a hat..hence the patch idea.
  14. Officially... Gwendolyn...also answers to Tank
  15. All my bushings and shocks need to be replaced. Unfortunately can't do it all at one time.So which would help the most doing a couple at a time?
  16. So I've been looking into having some patches made up.Obviously.... NPORA(large lettering)Nissan pathfinder offroad assoc....(small lettering)...but what else?? Just text? WD21 or R50 maybe?? Thoughts? Laying out the design I can do but it's not just me here so ideas would be appreciated. What do y'all think?
  17. Personally I love the lack of plastic.Eventhough they aren't fast,they'll go virtually anywhere you wanna go.Basically it's a tank.I actually just bought mine 2 months ago..paid a whopping 700 dollars for it.Only has 165k miles and everything works as it should.Being in the south most of it's life there is none of the rust I've read so much about.Definitely love at first sight.
  18. My black 15 amp fuse goes to the alarm.no idea if it should but goes straight to alarm horn on firewall
  19. I have 6 or so black wires attached to the positive post..had no idea there were supposed to be factory wires there...what all does that mess feed to?

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