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  1. Your computer needs to be reflashed. Take it to nissan they will do it for $100. I had this issue when I first bought my pathfinder. I went through 3 computers. I also tried a guy that sodered a new board on. Snapped the second I plugged it in.
  2. I did think of that and i can run the plate on the inside of my windshield if i need to. however i am going to be getting the xrox bumper for it so i may cut the grille guard off it and set a light bar there. I am still a ways from being done. IT NEVER ENDS LOL
  3. Here is how she sits now. i just mount a 40" olympus offroad zues hd long throw bar. it is awesome! However it is a heavy spot. it lights up about yards directly in front of me like its day time and i can see light out to about 300 yards the way it is aimed. i want to get a flood light to light up the surrounding area around the front of the truck that will be better than my 4 55 watt hids im running. Any good suggestions. i was initially looking at adding a 20" in front of the grille but am starting to think a 30" underneath my existing 40" Any ideas or opinions?
  4. Unfortunately those do not work since they are not reverse cut gears. R50 has a high pinion diff on the front. It is not the same as others with the same part number. I had an hour long talk with Steve at rugged rocks about this grrr said there is not enough demand to make the gears
  5. This happened to me a year ago. My iacv went out and it popped something in pcm. I had to replace iacv and computer and reflash it. Its a pain in the ass
  6. I will end up trimming more metal off the fenders. I don't mind cutting them because if I don't like it new ones are pretty cheap. I'm more worried about turning with them on.
  7. If you have 4x4 the xterra gears won't work in the front. Our front diffs are high pinion so they are reverse cut. The only gear option for an r50 is 4.3 or 4.6. If you are 2wd you can do many gears ratios such as the 4.9. I originally wanted 4.9 But I couldn't find anyone willing to make custom gears
  8. Interesting. How long did the R&R take? Also at 65 mph do you know how much over your Speedo is? That little bit will help. I'm getting bumpers made and putting a spare on the back gate and rock sliders so I'll have a lot of weight
  9. For those of you that have 3.5L engines with the 4.3 and did the 3rd member and front diff swap from an older 3.3L with 4.6 gears was it worth it? I'm on 33s and plan to stay there. If a good 2 or 3" sfd came out I might do that and go 35s but for now she does what I need her to. Was the difference noticeable? I am actively considering this but would like some input. Mike
  10. So what your trying to say is this is a pain in the ass lol sorry I didn't set it up to email me when someone had written on this
  11. I am about start doing some more stuff to my truck. I'm going to have a rear swinger made and front I found a bumper at a decent price I'll probably get however I want to reheat first. I'm on 33s and plan to stay there. I want to do rugged rockes 4.91 greats however our front diff it's high pinion which means they are reverse cut and have 0 support(surprise surprise). I cannot find anyone even willing to make them. Now after talking with I believe Steve from rugged rocks he thinks it's possible to swap the xterra front diff in since they have the same code. Has anyone tried this and knows what needs to be done to make it work? This would be an awesome way to open up tremendous amounts of hearing options for us
  12. I'm on 33s would the swap to 4.63 be worth it? I figure if I did that I might as well go 4.9. However if the 4.63 are good on the 33s I will do that instea
  13. Well I feel the swap would be easier and more cost effective. I read somewhere a custom mount needed to be made but wasn't very hard. I'm going to see what I can find out
  14. So after a ton of research about my particular r50 (2001 se 4x4 3.5) I have a r200 and h233b diff. They make 4.9 gears for them. From what I understand is the front is high pinion which uses reverse cut gears so the regular 4.9s won't work. And Noone makes a set of reverse cut that I have found. So I have 2 options after talking to steve at rugged rocks for a few days. Either I have them custom made which I have a shop that ca do it I think and may possibly be a leader to get a group buy together if that interests anyone. Or I take an xterra front diff and try to fab a mount to volt it up and they already come with 4.9s. Anyone have any suggestions s or input? Or possibly know of magical reverse cut front diff hear options other than the 4.63 factory conversion?
  15. If your just running spacers on stock springs I don't know if you can fit 33s. I'm on ac 2" with fluerys 1" strut spacer and I had trim a bit on 285 75 16s with 16x8 4 backspace
  16. Well went in to ss motorsports for a couple of things to be done on the pathy. First my I'm running ac lift and no rear sway bar. I was tucking 33s into the fender and the inner lip was just barely catching the tire and was bending fender lip and slicing the tire. So I have the lip trimmed back a half in an now it tucks perfect. Also had a MagnaFlow dual in single out installed 2.5" pipe from cats back dumped with turn down. At rear axle since also from from flexing my axle went up and broke all the welds from the muffler into the resonator. Sounds pretty nice. I'll get a video up soon of how she sounds. Droning isn't to bad
  17. I'm running acs 2" coil lift and fluerys 1" strut spacers on 33s. My CVS are at an angle but still within spec. I have heard rare cases where this is to much lift and the CVS bind. One way to check is installed the front suspension and keep wheels off the ground. Crank wheel and spin wheels if it is binding it's a no go. Mine has been on about a year and has seen many offroad excursions. I'm not running a rear sway bar anymore and the flex is impressive for what it is
  18. I actually have a 42" olympus zues hd combo sitting waiting for mounts. I'm going to fab mounts and weld them to a rola vortex roof rack. And then I'm going to run the wires down the rain gutter that follow forward of the rack rails and under the windshield grommet on the side of the windshield. Once all is done I will post pics
  19. Thanks everyone Nothing was screwed into them when I purchased this truck except a couple little black screw tabs and they are just floating in there. If you run your fingers through the track you should feel them in there. they are the only screw points inside the track. I'll find a picture of what they look like. The are stainless squares inside a plastic sliding guard with a 10mm hole in the middle
  20. It was a little thinner than the mount. I stuck a washer on each side and it snugged up with the impact gun. The sleeve is not as wide as the rubber
  21. Of course! Always glad to help. This forum has provide me with mountains of information and I wouldn't be this far along without it
  22. I just installed the bilsteins on mine with the 2" ac lift and they came with sleeves. Only need one for the top. Bottom slides right on
  23. For some reason my post didn't work so check out my other post http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/40802-rola-vortex-low-pro-mounts/

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