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  1. Well I'll be sure to change that over then! What about CVs & front diff? R200 I imagine? My front end is R180 (Diesel model WD21s didn't get the R200 until 94 )
  2. I love Xterras after seeing them up close when I was in Canada a few months back but we don't get them over here in NZ. Although, I wonder how many parts off the D22 Hardbody/Navara would fit then? (Im getting off track now though)
  3. Well it's almost the 20th and there's been no entrances so what the heck, I'll get the ball rolling with this one of my truck "Rino" out in the colourful countryside of New Zealand. Stovanovich
  4. I've done the console swap already and I will be swapping the turbo off it too (Td27)
  5. I know there's plenty of separate threads out there about certain R50 parts that people have fitted / modified to fit into their WD21 but as my mate has just acquired a whole R50 for parts i thought it would be a good idea to start a consolidated thread on what can be changed over. (interior & exterior parts etc) So if anyone can throw some suggestions out there, that would be great!
  6. Don't need more than 2" for 32 x 11.5 mate, I run them just fine. Even squeezed 35s under there one day but the extra inch of the 12.5 wide was the problem there.
  7. There was a post in the R50 - WD21 Center console swap about them being the same runner code & a guy bolted them in fine but there were some questions whether they fitted with Doors on as he tried with no doors By memory there was never any confirmation on this so make sure you let us all know how you get on!
  8. Hmm I like the idea but figured since I actually have an R50 shifter sitting here I would love to use it (Plus they look sooo much sleeker & nicer)
  9. So I've undertaken the R50 center console swap into my 1992 WD21 Terrano. I've given the forum a bit of a search but struggle to find anything with much info on swapping the shifter from the R50 over too so I can get rid of that horrid gap! Currently I've simply wrapped a boot around the standard WD21 shifter but figured since I have the R50 one here I might as well look into it. Has anyone done this and can give me a bit of a how to as to it's simplicity?
  10. Swapped my rear shocks for new bigger & longer ones. So much simpler than changing the front ones that I only needed one beer
  11. Massively busy day doing some maintenance & custom jobbys. Installed the R50 center console (little bit of a mission, few head scratchers) Replaced my shocks (This job was WELL overdue, I mean look at the state of that ah.... bush... that's not there...) Installed bash plate I picked up from a wreckers
  12. Those are the ones mate! Contemplating changing the 4wd ones over too as they got more play than I desire
  13. Been away for a wee while on vacation so left the truck in the hands of my father to borrow. Left my Moog "problem solvers" in the back and he gave the truck back to me with them installed, That's a win!
  14. The thing is it wasn't that hardcore a trail to be honest. Relatively Shiney most the way with just a few rutty bits but one particular hill climb at the end caused a wheel to come up and down hard so I think that's what did it. I don't think I've heard of the Moog Problem solver Tie Rods. Can you tell me more? This was first trip out with my 2wd conversion so you can imagine I was annoyed
  15. Drove the 42nd Traverse which is a 46km trail in the central north island of New Zealand through the Tongariro mountain area (Mordor) on the weekend. Was a great time but ended up bending the inner tie rods of my 2WD steering setup, luckily my mate lived close with a trailer and across the road from a wreckers where we managed to get some straight ones to get me home.
  16. Installed the "2wd steering conversion" and replaced inner CV boots.
  17. Na they've been designed as a real tight fit (the advantage of my fabricator being an Aircraft engineer) so no rattles there
  18. Yep! Basically cut the link in half, drilled two 6.3mm holes and purchased these miniature 1T rated shackles to fit in the holes, thinking of changing to some sort of pin though for ever quicker disconnection.
  19. Yeah the front bit of the bog was the worst bit it got a bit solider further along. Although the Jeeps that went before me barely got into the hole Was a great guided trip through New Zealand Army Training land (area where most of the Mordor scenes in Lord Of The Rings were shot haha)
  20. Lol he's actually standing behind my truck, but I can see the confusing angle makes it look otherwise! He made the bad call of standing beside the mud hole as I entered, here's the same shot from behind:
  21. Woohoo and now we have a competition. Nice looking truck mate!
  22. Looks like the old girl is living again, been chasing the source of light smoke / steam coming from around the turbo. Turns out I had missed a washer on the oil feed banjo bolt seems to have solved the problem (fingers crossed)

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