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  1. Let's try this again, this time an action shot of Te Rino In great New Zealand Volcanic Mud! Stovanovich
  2. Na that right there is a Mitsubishi Pajero, This however is my father's Y60 (Cut Down, Nissan Safari) Beside "Te Rino" We're a Nissan 4 wheeling family through and through, the brother in law has a Y60 Nissan Safari too
  3. Did an oil change & service on the ol' Girl today (heaps of space to work while the turbo is still off) She's not gonna know what hit her when she gets back running!
  4. Some pics of the Turbo removal / change thus far: Turns out the EGT probe end that had snapped off was jammed in-between the blades so actually hadn't broken them. Still worth changing over the turbo though methinks (considering I have a spare one here now)
  5. Did some work on removing my old busted turbo, played "find the broken EGT probe." Still have to fit the new turbo and re-install the intercooler. Also took the time whilst everything was easy to access to remove the EGR and fit blanking plates.
  6. End of the EGT probe snapped off and went through my Turbo last night BUT I have sourced another Turbo from a local guy and it even comes with a spare head with half the milage on it than my current so that's kind of a win, busy days leading up to the weekend though, gonna start taking everything apart tonight. A sad day for Te Rino, (now if only I can win TOTM, that will at least bring me some joy)
  7. My 1992 Turbo Diesel Terrano after a weekend away in the mud here in New Zealand is my nomination: stovanovich
  8. Only on my own accord was having too much fun giving the Suzuki false hope every time instead to allow him to pull me in.
  9. Playing tug of war with a Suzuki on the weekend. Had a busy night of cleaning last night, removing carpets etc. But this was just too much fun that it was all worth it.
  10. Music Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  11. Haha best of luck mate! I was just lucky to score mine off the old man's patrol when he upgraded to steelies.
  12. I run 32 x 11.5 w/ 15 x 8 rims, stock suspension (just slight torsion levelling) on factory Nissan Patrol alloys. As you can tell there is still plenty of height spare but as mentioned above, it's the width that gets ya, i trimmed & folded the back & front of guards a little to cater for any potential rubbing. Offset helps as does the weight of rims. My alloys are so light that they mean my 32s weigh as much as my old 31s on Steelies. After wheeling with my 32s for around 4 months now I find the old girl much more capable than 31s, you could probably squeeze 33s under but I think due to weight & power that the 32s may be the magic number.
  13. When every time you go for a drive after a weekend out mudding there is a new mysterious rattle to find / fix
  14. Got mine mounted under the stereo console in my WD21 just in front of the shifter. The microphone clip is mounted up next to my gauges (where altimeter etc was originally) & Coax cable runs out through firewall to the aerial which is mounted on my custom bullbar, which also offers it a little protection when crashing through the forest.

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