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  1. yes sir. got a few locals r50 owners planning to do hollister trip soon. ill keep you posted
  2. yo wasssup. im also from the sf bay area.
  3. bring this back from the dead. let see if theres any new members from sf bay area.
  4. Sunday Drive up north mendocino count
  5. trying to get more active members https://www.facebook.com/groups/2514119322136712/' check it out!!!
  6. bumping back up. we have a meet set up this next week thursday in milpitas. ca
  7. why i dont see a norcal as another option? thats more central lol. and northern california has many to offer too
  8. spin tires on xbox? since did they allowed to do mods on console? i have mine for ps4
  9. i think you forgot to add what year make and model of the car/truck that new dipstick you got came from lol
  10. why do you need the crank pulley to be replaced by changing the camshafts. i cant seem to understand whats the relation between the cam swap.
  11. im running euro cams with vg34. i just slapped the cams without upgrading the lifters. the torque is a night and day difference compare to a stock 3.3L
  12. so all it needs to work is getting a custom thrust blocks for the drum brakes set up in order for the e lock work?
  13. bump up back. i found this on terraintamer website. it says that theres a front e locker available for R50 models now. also i dont understand for the rear says that its not suitable for drum brakes? heres the link https://www.terraintamer.com/en/4wd-products/elocker
  14. looks good!. yea get the rock sliders man. before you trash the sides.
  15. yea i only have 1 inch nx aluminum spacer and 4 inches sfd. my cv axle is close to oem angle wise. i havent had any problems breaking my cv axle for the last 4 yrs of me wheeling it hard.

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