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  1. Howdy It bolts to the heat shield on the exhaust if you have stock manifolds, if you have extractors it needs to go on the head somewhere
  2. might be worth running a multi meter over the leads and check for any resistance issues ie cracks or breaks in the leads, maybe maf related as well
  3. still plenty of both wd21 and r50 on the road here but they are slowly going, mostly i think mostly due to the auto's dying most arn't willing to fork out the $ for a rebuild and it helps South Australia has historically had the oldest fleet of cars in Aus, generally good for rust too
  4. 42°C in the shade atm
  5. Basil Fawlty rang in ...Manuel, is late for his shift
  6. i used a 50/50 mix mineral turps/ boiled linseed oil mix... works great it forms a hard shell after a few coats, heeeeeaps cheaper the painting and probably will last longer also great on older metal and paint i used to splash it on old utes tractors etc, one advantage is it keeps the grain look of the plastic it will turn whites dull brown though no issues on black one big caveat though dont leave oiled rags brushes etc in piles or you will have a fire it puts out a lot of chemical heat
  7. illd look at a new fuel filter first then give maf a clean as a start
  8. from memory we here in aus had vg30e in the navara d22 untill 02 or 03
  9. my old wd21 did that turned out to be a dud tps prolly worth checking the connector and harness etc
  10. new cap , rotor, a/c idler pulley bearing and leads
  11. these guys do one http://www.formulaoffroad.com.au/index.php/component/jsautoz/searchresults one on gumtree here http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/loganholme/other-parts-accessories/bull-bar-pathfinder-93/1058016736
  12. sorry for the thread jack but my 6/93 has receipts for a timing belt change from late 2007 its got 40000 km to go b4 its due for change. should i get it done on age alone or leave it alone untill its due currently 259000 km on it. full dealer service history came with it cheers
  13. theres a 98 pr50 terrano listed at upull in adelaide im happy to see if there still there, there's not many around down here prolly be huge shipping cost though pics and part no would be helpfull
  14. give wholesale autos (http://www.automatictransmission.com.au/askorto.asp) a ring in melb they have everything for our autos including a hd upgrade kit quite exy though
  15. i took his question as fitment question, prolly should have put a smillie in there have beer and calm down terrano
  16. nope not reliant on gravity you take the console surround off then the center vent out and it bolts up thru the dash there is even a 12v lead there already well there was in my old 92 at least there is also a modern alternative as well a small android tablet or phone with an Clinometer with Compass package(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brainlab.tiltmeter&hl=en) works well.
  17. its generally worth testing new/old thermostats in a old electic fry pan fill up with water and set to heat up to needed temp and with a temp probe and wait to see when /if opens then turn off and wait to see when it closes if its in spec all good if not try another till you get a good one.
  18. you tube will be your friend search paint and prep https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdCViyboSXSfns8wtFx3_1g
  19. howdy and welcome blue2 came from a heavy smoker as well so i feel your sinus pain i used my Bissell Little Green Extractor with a mix of wool cleaner and bicarb in the mix chamber on the seats carpets and head liner it worked well got rid of most of the stains and the stench is mostly gone except on real hot days from the a/c vents
  20. went to the local u pull it they had a fresh 88 pathy and a 93 v6 navara got some rola roof rack parts and a long range fuel tank looks to be about 150 ltrs or so off the 88 and a complete upper plenum and carbon filter, off the vg30e all for 100 bucks nice getting filthy on sunday morning blue2 got a full service and new head and ecu temp sensors, thermostat & new lower hose

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