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  1. Hi all I have a DP Chip available for sale if anyone is interested. It has been previously used in my 2006 R51 Pathfinder in Australia. It is in good condition and I have the manufacturers documentation, including the Chip serial number, warranty card etc. Please leave me a post if you are interested and make an offer. thanks
  2. Just a follow up on what happened with my busted pathy. we ended up having to replace the engine (yep, ouch!) $7500 later and the new engine is a gazillion times better than the original. There was something wrong with that one from the start. So much happier with the old girl now! thanks everyone for your comments and help though. I didn't refit the chip and would like to sell it if anyone is interested. thanks
  3. Thanks guys, it is a crap way to start the year! The chip has been in it for well over 12 months but I wondered if it could be the cause of the problem. I guess we'll never really know.
  4. Hi guys I'm new to this site but am looking for some helpful information about what I've done to my pathy! I have a 2006 R51 pathy, it has a DPChip and a couple of other bits and pieces which shouldn't really effect on-road performance. New year's day we were towing a camper trailer up a hill when it started blowing white smoke, burning oil, running really rough. It had to be towed to a mechanic who has said it has oil in the cylinder and has a cracked piston. He hasn't dismantled the engine yet to inspect the diesel injector(s) or the timing chain. He's told us we need to put in a new engine very bummed! I've done a bit of research and think that this may have been caused by a fault in the injector, possible overload of the engine, air-intake or timing. Can anybody confirm this or have any other ideas or suggestions? Does a new engine sound right or am I being ripped off? I've taken good care of my pathy, regular servicing - has done around 150,000km. I bought it second hand almost 2 years ago. The DP Chip has made great improvement on fuel consumption and power. I would greatly appreciate anyone's experience or comment thanks

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