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  1. Many of the repairs to current model year Chrysler vehicles require software updates to complete. These updates are only available through Chrysler's portal called DealerConnect and TechConnect. Unless you work at a dealership, you have to pay for a 48 hour window in which you can access these websites and obtain the software needed. Many independent shops refuse to pay the money required to do that. So basically, many shops simply cannot fix modern vehicles because they do not have the knowledge, equipment or permissions to do it.
  2. I work at a large dealership. I can see the angle they are trying to use and understand it but I don't agree with it. Shops are just going to have to start ponying up the cash to get the specialized equipment, training and permissions to continue to fix modern vehicles. Fun fact: Our technicians cost an average of $135,000 to train from apprentice to Master Certified Chrysler Technician.
  3. You have got to do something extremely stupid to damage Amsteel-Blue. If you get a synthetic line make sure it is Amsteel-Blue manufactured by Samson Rope. Don't worry about abrasion. The stuff is designed some of it to happen. It actually protects the Dyneema fibers. Source: Good friend is an engineer for Samson Rope and another friend owns a Bering Sea fishing boat and uses nothing else. Something else will break before this line. That said, the Captain uses a 12k Harbor Freight winch on his '78 CJ-5 AMC 360. I plan on using the same on my Frontier.
  4. Well, first I will give the last picture I took of the Pathfinder. She was awesome. I took this picture 10 minutes after I signed for the Frontier. First snow. Playing around in a gravel pit. Her first overnighter. It was cold. Put the hitch to use on the way down. And this.
  5. Not that I can remember. If you are having trouble getting it to bleed, you should be able to cycle the key a few times and have it activate the pump during the selfe diagnosis.
  6. I love it. I actually bought it from the much hated Howard Lincoln's son. It's already spent many, many nights in the mountains in deep snow and mud.
  7. It's true. I sold my '91 Pathfinder and bought a 2001 Frontier Crew Cab. Anyways, I haven't been on here in a long time so I wanted to say hi.
  8. A lot. My truck is my bug out vehicle.
  9. 187k on my '92. Bought it 2 years ago with 174k on it.
  10. Decided to show my fiance the hunting cabin out in the Cascades.
  11. 21 gallons?? I've only ever squeezed 15.5 in there when the fuel light was coming on.
  12. Uhhhh...what? That is nothing like Texas. Open carry is illegal and you must have a license to carry concealed.
  13. I'm not looking for 300 Whisper quiet, just something to reduce the initial report. Plus, 7.62x39 is stupid cheap still.
  14. Left front: cell phone Right front: car keys and change Left rear: knife right rear: wallet Work jacket Left pocket: work phone right pocket:Van keys Left arm pocket: pen
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