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  1. Mine is being scrapped. I signed the offer for my truck as then signed over the registration. The offer was more than acceptable. Unless your truck is a complete rust bucket, I would not worry about the offer they give you. Truck will be at the crusher in a few days. The company told me all the trucks from the recall being bought back will not be sold to a junk yard for parts. All trucks must be crushed then sent through the chipper. I was allowed to remove my tires/rims and put back on the originals as well as get all my stuff out. My custom steel bumpers had to be left on the truck unless I put back on the originals (which I didn't have anymore as they were cheap plastic). Though the replacement Nissan truck I will be buying will not be an R50 (but it will be another Nissan). R.I.P baby.
  2. They get the info from the DMV for sure. Where else would they get the info? Most people don't bring their vehicles to the dealer every time and they need a way to find you when there is an important recall. If they couldn't get the info through the recall, how would they know who owns the vehicle after it has been sold to a dozen different people over the years? Is not just Nissan, but all the major car companies. Doesn't mean that they can do anything they want with the info. Dozens of agencies/corporations have access to DMV records. There is nothing special about it. I once owned a 95 Jeep Cherokee (before I came to my sense and got a Nissan) that had been owned by several different people over the years and I never brought it to a dealer, let alone any garage. Yet I got a recall notice for it in the mail for a possible defective heater control (which they say could have caused a fire). How else did they get my info other than the DMV? Like I said before, is nothing special and is done all the time by dozens of agencies. Is specifically for things like recalls where the companies need to get in contact with you.
  3. Not very hard for them to do so. They get your info/address from the DMV. Any time there is a recall they go into the DMV records all over the country looking for the VIN numbers of those vehicles affected and get your info so that they can send you a letter. You might not live in one of those areas but is worth a check. It is free anyways. I never got a letter from Nissan but I called up the local dealer and he looked up my VIN number and it came up as on the recall list. Truck was looked at this week and they informed me that they are going to scrap it. Waiting for the call now telling me how much they are going to offer.
  4. For sure. Is nice to have it in the truck with you while you are working on something. Though if you can't get an original copy, you could always get Kinko's/Staples/etc to print out the pdf version. I never found a decent paper copy up here for a reasonable price. Only one I ever found was selling for $300. I can almost buy a whole truck for that price.
  5. Looks like a good project. Good luck on it. I posted a link to the FSM here: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3815&view=findpost&p=591544
  6. Just thought I would post this up for anyone interested. As most of you know, Nissan digitized all manuals starting in 94. While that is nice for anyone with a truck after that year, the rest of us with trucks in the 87-93 range are pretty much screwed unless you find a printed manual for sale (which are very rare, and the ones that do come up, people ask big $$$) or have someone nice enough to look up something in their manual for you. Well I found a place with them online. The factory service manuals for 1989 and 1990 trucks. They are good for the 1987-88 trucks as well (as the manuals cover the earlier vg30i engines). I have been looking for a while for the technical manuals due to my vg30i engine. Technically they are for the Hardbody trucks, but they also cover info for the pathy. It includes pictures and technical info on the WD21 beside those of the D21. The only real difference between the pathy and HB manuals seems to be if they wrote "WD21 Series" or "D21 Series" on the cover. http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/hardbody/ While I did not put them together, I was pretty happy when I found them. Hope that helps everyone else who always wanted them.
  7. Won't be around NPORA much anymore but thanks to all those great people I have talked to during my time here!

  8. Not another Ottawa pathy guy! Any more and we will be able to start our own cult! Welcome to the club. Let us know if you want to get that thing dirty this summer and we will be more than happy to have another along for a ride on the trails.
  9. I have a lot of stuff. On board air compressor and tank that can fill up tires and run air tools. Full set of air tools and hand tools. Pretty much every fluid that the truck takes in spare. Emergency welding setup. Medical kit. Emergency pack with clothes, food and water. Etc.
  10. Very surprised you didn't find it in the search as I think the same question was asked like twice in the last week. But I can understand as the search doesn't always work well. Not a problem Here is a big topic in the pinned topics in the R50 section: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=19867 To put it simply, you can fit up to 31" tires on it without spacers or cutting the fenders. Before the lift I ran 31" tires but I had some rubbing. After the lift I have zero rubbing with the tires. I am also running with the stock rims on my truck. Hope that helps.
  11. You could use a hi-lift (aka a manual winch) to pull you out. It won't be fast, but better slow and steady then staying stuck somewhere. A hi-lift is reasonably cheap too at about $100. Not pulling a pathy in this video, but it is at least a Nissan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xldBPnzohtI Here is someone using something similar, but a hi-lift will do the same thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UzX3F4Oygw
  12. Yup, some companies do post them. We just bought a winch here for use on pulling vehicles onto a goose-neck trailer. The company puts lots of info on specs on their website. Here is one for the winch we bought (a 9500lbs winch). I would recommend hitting up the manufacturers website like Redpath88 suggested. You can likely download a manual on the winch you are interested in. The manual should list that info.
  13. Here is the good link: Adjustable Door Edge Antenna Mount
  14. Your comments make no sense. I didn't say anything about the snorkel being routed to the alternator. I said that the alternator is underwater. Meaning that the electrical system is still working even though the alternator is covered in water. You commented about the electric system not being able to take all that water, but this shows it can. And yes it doesn't take much water to hydro-lock the engine. That is why we are saying a snorkel is a good idea to help keep most of the water out of the engine. Is like beating a dead horse with you. Oh wait, we have a smiley for that!
  15. That truck in the picture is still in a good amount of water. Alternator is under water, as is a lot of the electrical system. It is still running. Hell the guy isn't even sitting in the truck. And you can't seem to read, for as I stated before, most people don't go into super deep water for long. That guy is sitting in a pretty decent amount of water, up to the fenders, as would most people who have snorkels.
  16. Snorkels are useful. Problem is a lot of mis-conceptions you have mentioned. First of all, of course there are a lot of people with them who will never even bring their truck close to off-road. But what else is new? People have put stuff on their vehicles which are either completely useless or will never actually be used since cars first came off the production line. I see a metric ton of people with roof lights who will NEVER use them. But hey they look cool! Just because some people install certain things on their vehicles, it doesn't mean they are completely useless to everyone. Snorkels are useful (for those that need it) for the sense that it will now move the air entry from the wheel-well area (an area prone to getting filled with water) to somewhere higher up where they likely-hood of getting water into the engine is highly reduced. While having the air-intake in the wheel well area is fine for 99% of people, it isn't for those fording through water. Search the internet, hell just search this site and you will find people that went into a small water hole for only a couple seconds. But those few seconds, and the wave of water splashing back was enough to get up the pipe and hydro-lock the engine. Some people have hydrolocked an engine from just going through a really big puddle. It is possible, and so some people do decide they need them. Most people with snorkels very rarely go through deep water for long periods of time. Generally you are hood-deep in water for 2-10 seconds, and up to 30 seconds for those really brave (or don't care about getting water into the cab and getting their stuff wet). Even if you go onto youtube and look at the videos of people going through deep water holes, they are rarely in there for long. Most electronics in the engine compartment will survive getting wet like that. Anyone who goes for longer trips in deep water generally don't have newer vehicles due to the electronics (and the value of the vehicle). Do you really want to put your $40K truck in deep water? Nope. But you can do some modifications to run in deep water for long times. Look at these pics of a guy who parked his truck in a water hole. You can see the engine is still running. Most snorkel intake heads are installed high above the cab so that they don't block the view of the driver. The pipe going up can already block your view while driving, but a big head piece can make that worse. Some people have installed them lower with no problems, but it is also about looks and having it higher up makes the install look better. There are some people who have the in-take routed into the cab so that the snorkel doesn't stick up out of the fender. Some have it coming up out of the grill area in front of the windshield. As long as it is above the height of the possible water hole, it should be fine. But any place is better than the inner fenders. So yes, snorkels can be useless, but they are useful for some that install them. I installed one on my truck as I plan on really pushing my truck this summer and going into some more remote areas where I will likely encounter some deep water. I would rather have that "leech" (like some people have called it) on my truck then be suck somewhere with a hydro-locked engine. I may never really need it, but to me it was worth the $100 to build it. Plus I will admit it does look somewhat cool on the truck Hope that helps.
  17. Not another Canadian..... Welcome anyways!
  18. Was same for me. Making one was easier (manual ones in decent shape are almost impossible to find here) and the one I made is setup exactly the way I want it. Plus it is fun to build stuff and say that you built it
  19. Looks good. Very well done. Would have been better to have found red carpeting to make it fit in with the rest of the interior, but it still looks good and works! Only one problem....where is the button for the ejection seat?! I built mine out of steel, but woods works too. Much more user friendly
  20. As I said before, you are asking the most common questions which have been answered a dozen times before. Do a search and I am sure you will find an answer. There must be at least 20 threads just on different tires everyone uses.
  21. That kit is called a SFD (Sub Frame Drop). Not sure if anyone has installed that particular kit, but a few people have installed SFD's. Though it is not an easy "minor" install as you are asking for in a lift. To be honest, if you aren't looking to do any major off roading or modifications to your truck, you are better off not installing a lift kit just yet. I have run 31inch tires on my truck without a lift in stock condition and went everywhere the other trucks with lift kits went when off-roading. These trucks are very off-road capable with little to no modifications. If you are new to off-roading, then don't jump in spending money here and there when you don't need to. Learn how your truck handles as it is off-road then go from there. Edit: I see BowTied beat me to saying it
  22. First off, start surfing this site and reading. There are literally a metric-ton of threads about everything you are asking about. Asking about tires and lift kits is the most commonly asked questions by people who come here, and it has been answered many times before. I would also recommend looking at the Members Rides section to see what other people have done with their trucks. 16inch rims have become the standard on newer trucks. Tons of people run bigger tires with 16inch rims. But a lot of people with the older trucks run with 15's as that is what size came on the truck. You can easily run bigger tires on the larger rims. I run 31's on my stock 16inch rims. Lift kits are available, but they still require work. 4x4parts.com sells the most commonly used lift kit which generally gives you about 3inches: https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-19962004-pathfinder-c-435_437_341_8.html Takes around a full day to install with a friend helping.
  23. Just went out and turned the fan by hand. Went I push it hard, the blade moves about 3 inches before it stops. Not very far at all. Not sure if that is good or bad, but seems fine to me. Will probably start out by getting the radiator flushed out to start to see if that helps.

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