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  1. sorry about trhe late reply. tlaked with you earlier in the week. im out for this run. got some mothers day stuff we are doing that day cause my mom is heading outta town on sunday.
  2. mines been gone for awhile now. also dont have one of those things called an ebrake.
  3. no the atx14 would be 2.6:1 and the tx10 would be 2.0:1 and its not engine revs it be what ever the current rev is coming out of hte transmission.
  4. the reason it says more diffucult is cause theres a couplke hill climbs that are a bit intresting but if you know how to drive and be smart and if we got some guys spotting you should be a problem. also the other reason is cause the moon rocks and funny rocks are up there, which can cause some good dmg if your not careful or dont wanna play hard. but both the moon and funny rocks have bypasses going around them.
  5. depending on weather will be the condition of manastash. if they get any early snow its not fun up there will spend more time digging any smaller rigs out and it wont be fun.
  6. http://www.n7ums.adahost.com/WAtrails.htm
  7. also you have liberty/table mountain norht of eburg.
  8. i think i can do that. what time of year is this going to be in btw
  9. plenty of camping there. multiple sites. some great hiking, dirtbiking, and all that jazz up there to.
  10. i know the manastash ridge area pretty well after spending 3 years out there for school
  11. you got manastash ridge and that area right outside of yakima/ellensburg, big area great camping and its sunny there
  12. if my batteries back and not being stupid by then i should be down. also gotta bleed my brakes again
  13. packie88 wishes he had done it. maybe sometime in the future
  14. 85w-140 is what i run in my diffs front D44 and rear H233B works awesome
  15. i might be able to make it just gotta bleed my brakes and make sure they work. (put in the new chevy master cylinder). what time were you thinking. and ill try and get them bled either tomorrow morning or saturday afternoon and hope theres no otehr kinks to work out
  16. i know calmini sells crossmembers just for sas... also 4x4parts sells a motor mount for it if i recall cant find the link but they had them on ther somewhere
  17. i can do any weekend but the last weekend of of feb. maybe the first or second weekend of march... give some tiem for any if theres is snow to melt a little more
  18. that just doesnt look good. and thats alot of play. Adam what did you do to fix yours pickles ive got two spare idler arms and a spare CL that if you need let me know.
  19. im down, i have locker and winch. lol ill run whatever you point me at. as long as its on a saturday i should be good to go. and elbe is theone up off of highway 2 near goldbar i think it is correct
  20. my 36 inch unbalanced super swampers are pretty loud everywhere i go....lol

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