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    1988 nissan pathfinder auto sitting on 32x11.5 no lift at all. thinking about getting a 2-3 inch body lift need to find out if it will look right or not.
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    Banks OR
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Banks OR
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    ford trucks chevy cars and of course pathfinders. i enjoy hobbys.paintball xbox modding, have nitro powered R/C trucks they go mudding and 4x4ing to. i am an outdoorsman. i also live in Banks OR just east of browns camp.

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  1. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/1717062920.html waggy axle would like 2 get it but leaving on monday 4 2 weeks great buy get it!
  2. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/1716375119.html dont have money 4 it now but others go 4 it i have been finding xterra gears but there all 4.6 ugg
  3. well i just dont wana have to swap the rear gears im gona run the stock motor till she blows only have 1 and 2nd gear now 3rd blew (auto). the rear gears are 464 gears and its hard to find xteras at junk yards around here. i wana build this sas and motor swap 4 dirt cheap just so ppl can c what they can build if they wait for deals and roam the junk yards. got my axle pulled outa the rig and put in the back of my truck for 250$ not 2 bad. oh and btw i wana put the new ring and pinion in by myself so if anyone knows of any good books or websites let me know. i can get gears put in it for 500$ including gears but it would be cool 2 do it myself.
  4. got my dana 44 outa a 88 wagoneer getting ready 4 the sas what gears are you guys putting in them to get close to the stock rear gears? and i have a 302 insted of a 360 with a c4 tranny and an np205 planing on doing the dubbler kit on it. sas first then ill change the heart.
  5. i think i stated things wrong im saying i can get high teen mpg with a 360 if u try i can get tons of power (no mpg) i was just saying. but to settel this i will just do the swap and report the results.
  6. i have an 1978 for f150 2wd with a 400m auto and it gets high teens on mpg all day long if u have em tuned in right and drive them like a grandma no problem
  7. as far as top seed im not worried about it. from then on it will be towed to wheelin sites
  8. a ford 360 will have a ton of power and like i said there is a ton u can do to the motor for more hp and if i leave the motor stock i can pull high teens out of it for mpg better then i get now with the vg30i
  9. some trannys r split some r married. Chevy motors r worthless and u can pump any motor out and really a ford 360 wont way that much more than a Chevy 350 when im trail runnin anyways i have a ton of weight in the back tools tire hi lift chains ect.
  10. http://www.cardomain.com/MakeModel/Nissan/Pathfinder/all/all/all/1987/1989/?page=1 few v8 swaps in here http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3067086/11 v8 swap 4 door
  11. id like to start it this weekend but we all know how it goes so im shooting for a the beginning of march
  12. https://www.4x4parts.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=367_172 motor mounts
  13. ok just got the pathy back in driving status and now the tranny i just put in blew third gear (auto) 1st 2nd revs like neutral and the motor is getting tired anyways (240xxx)miles and i got a 70s ford 360 and a manual tranny to go with it so i thought i would look into it. i also got my hands on a jeep waggy axle so the swap will be with an sas but im looking for motor mounts and cross members and other components and cant really find much so im going to the fans of npora to help me out i can custom make cross members and motor mounts and such so any pics info would be great planing on taking tons of pics and videos plus there is gona be a ton of parts up for grabs for ppl in the north west.
  14. no i went threw the starter hole and bought a cheap 14mm and took it to the bench grinder its one of thoes bent ones
  15. ok im pretty sure i got the answer i put a new stock replacement alty in about a year ago and it does the same thing wont kick on until 3000 rpm thought it was odd. brand new alty, but i did some research a while back and some altys dont kick on for awile so on startup it doesent overload the system. been running mine like that for almost a year no problems so dont overthink the situation and let me know what u find out.

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