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  1. before you pickup the battery, check for corrosion on the terminals. I had to replace mine after they dissolved when I took them off the battery.
  2. Honda Passports run 6x5.5 lug patterns so they match. But check the center bore and the offset.
  3. when its going up, start pulling it, and assuming its the mast gears that are broken, you can get it out. Then just wait for the new ebay antenna.
  4. BurgPath over on AC is selling his TJM: http://www.4x4parts.com/ubbthreads/showfla...;gonew=1#UNREAD
  5. thanx for testing out the CVs and rims for us. nice pics.
  6. I remember awhile back that someone had the truly rare.... the facelifted R50 with the spare tire carrier on the back.
  7. wow prices have gone up. I paid around 60 for mine as well on ebay. just wait a bit and let the smartasses finish buying theirs for the high prices. its just the same people bidding them up right now.
  8. Blackwalls out with black rims just looks sexy. I know with my whitewalls, the fronts get dirty fast so it looks funky.
  9. nice pics . did you relocate your right front tow hook, or is it just bent really really badly?
  10. wow really suprised you didn't take more damage. the strut got jammed into that new hole and that kept everything stable?
  11. its a shame to see a nice pathy get parted out like that.
  12. putting the CB in the cubby hole doesn't muffle the sound at all. sounds like your antenna just needs to be tuned to get the reception. shortening the antenna wire would make the antenna "shorter" so you should probably do it by tuning the antenna rather than messing with the wire.
  13. I read before that the bearing of the fan motor give out so you get the whirling noise. I know I have it on the low speed.
  14. Don't forget the speedo cluster since you need that pretty lil 4x4 indicator. As for the wiring harness, the R50s seem to have pre-wiring for stuff like heated seats, etc that some R50s don't have so I assume the wiring harness would be the same for the 2WD and 4WD, and the 2WD just has a few extra unused connectors.
  15. Check your bulb type (9003?) and buy the appropriate plug-n-play kit that fits your stock housing. Most kits are simply popping the HID bulb in, connecting the bulb to the ballast, and connecting the ballast to the OEM bulb connector. Also, you may want to get a relay kit so the HID kit will draw power directly from the battery rather than through the OEM wiring. Just be aware that putting HIDs into halogen housings will cause glare depending on the housing - so you'll have to re-aim your headlights if people stare flashing you. As for brands, the cheap ebay ones are kinda a craps shoot with quality. Most recommend the xenondepot.com kits cuz they use Sylvania ballasts and bulbs rather than cheap asian ones. If you wanna read up on kit recommendations: http://www.hidplanet.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=13
  16. oh since you're spare's on your room, you can do dual-in to dual-out exhaust. When the spare's underneath, its really hard to route the piping for dual-out.
  17. looks nice. if you don't get the blacked headlights, get clear corner lights so there won't be the orange reflectors up front.
  18. 11-14 most of the time. I used to push 16-18 during summer driving on the hwy.
  19. welcome! good to have another R50 in the bay. =)
  20. welcome... wow you got $700 off for a blown fog, corner, scratches, and speakers? that's at most 100 to fix if you don't mind the scratches.
  21. Looks good. I say remove the rest of the OEM bumper sections and maybe make another vertical section above your existing section before putting the brush bars above that.
  22. probably economics. not enough demand from nissan owners to warrant putting out two types.

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