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  1. Bax03SE

    Random picture of your R50

    Just a quick random pic of my whole fleet in one spot. I don’t usually have them all in the driveway because the premium spot in front of the garage is reserved for my wife’s van. (She puts up with my car habit, so she deserves the good parking spot). But, I was shuffling cars around to mow tonight. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180622/cd0c9d967a0dcf7e376ccf90c7c0ed7f.heic https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180622/4abb9ea20b2df013063bda36a108df11.heic https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180622/eb95ce809def176b9c1bb984cd23fd43.heic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sorry havent been on here in a bit. Pretty much as you said above, for anything 32and over you need a wheel with at least 3.75 backspacing. You will also almost definitely have to remove the mudflaps. Trimming in front of the tire may be needed, but it shouldnt be much. 33 and up will definitely require trimming in both front and back, but even then it really isnt difficult as long as you get over being squeamish about cutting your truck.
  3. Bax03SE

    Thank You!

    I just wanted to extend a general thank you to everyone on this forum for not being d!cks. Seriously, Ive been a member of many different car forums over the years (three right now), and it is very refreshing to be part of a forum where people arent always trying to one up each other or put people down. Generally, when someone asks a question here, people answer without trying to make the person feel stupid for not knowing already. So yeah....thanks! I love my R50 family!
  4. Bax03SE


    I can personally attest that these engines are perfectly happy eating a quart of oil on a regular basis with no other signs or symptoms. Honestly my truck gives me zero grief outside of needing to keep up on the oil more frequently. I realize not all VQs have the oil consumption issue, but for those that do thats often how it goes. No leaks, no smoking, no fouled cats, just magically disappearing oil!
  5. Bax03SE


    Ive had this engine in two vehicles now. My current 2003 R50, and previously a 2007 Quest that my wife bought new and drove for 10 years and 150k miles. Both engines used oil about the same rate at around 1 quart every 1500-2000 miles or so. No oil leaks in either engine. Its just something these engines are prone to, I learned to live with it and check the oil more often. Everything else about the truck is great.
  6. I should add that I replaced both CVs not long after lifting it due to cracked boots. Technically they cracked after the lift, but I attribute that more to the age of the joints and the rubber being old and dried out. The new joints and boots have had no trouble.
  7. Bax03SE

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Looking good!
  8. Im running 2.5 in front. It definitely puts the CVs at the limit for angles, but I havent had any issues yet. I do have manual hubs which helps a lot. But, I also run with the front hubs locked most of the time in the winter to save having to get out of the truck, and so far everything is good.
  9. Bax03SE

    Rear Springs

    Moog makes an oem replacement set. Those seem to be the ones I see used most often when people are looking for stock spring replacements. I actually have a set with only a couple thousand miles on them collecting dust in my garage. If you were closer Id let you have them, but from reading your posts I dont think you live anywhere near me (Delaware).
  10. Also keep in mind wheel backspacing for strut clearance. 265/70/16 will clear the strut. 265/75/16 will sometimes clear and sometimes hit depending on the tire brand and how aggressive the tread is. Anything bigger will require either wheel spacers or new wheels with less backspacing.
  11. Bax03SE


    Very nice!
  12. Bax03SE


    I went with a double din in my 03 recently and it fits great, no trimming needed. I also used the adapter that allows you to retain the bose speakers and amp and it sounds really good.
  13. Bax03SE

    Random picture of your R50

    Yeah I can see it just fine
  14. Bax03SE

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    Here’s the drop hitch I’m using, got it from Lowe’s. I think it’s a 7.5 inch drop? I like that it gets the trailer almost level, but it’s a little loose in the receiver so it makes the whole rig feel a bit more clunky and pulls a bit over bumps. I have a 5 inch drop hitch that I may go back to next time even though it makes the trailer ride a little nose up, because it fits the receiver tighter and makes for a more stable ride overall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Bax03SE

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    It was loaded a little heavy toward the front, so Id guess around 180-190 tongue weight?

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