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  1. I really like the design of that! It looks like it would be very robust.
  2. Yep, those are exactly like what I have.
  3. What style was it? Like the one above? I don’t have any experience with that one but it gets good reviews. All I know is I technically got the job done with my regular compressors but it was a major pita so I would want something better if doing it again. Of course you could always take it to a shop to have them assemble the struts, I’m just not sure how they’d feel about putting together a bastardized set up like I’m running, lol.
  4. If I had to do it over again, or if I ever need to take these springs off I’ll get something like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Nice! I know we talked a little via pm already, but if you run into any questions at all let me know and I’m happy to help as much as possible. One thing I forgot to mention is the need for a good spring compressor. I managed to wrestle mine in with a set of standard two price bolt style compressors but it wasn’t easy. These springs take way more force to compress than the stock springs.
  6. That bracket is interesting and might not be a bad starting point. I can see your reasoning for bringing the axle mount up instead of the body mount down and actually don’t think it’s totally crazy, lol. What are you going to do for the lower arm mount? I’m just thinking in order to keep the upper and lower arms in relative alignment with each other, they both need to be either raised or lowered from the same side. I. E. either lower both at the body or raise both at the axle. Or maybe it doesn’t really matter so much if they’re not kept in stock alignment with each other...idk.
  7. Congrats on graduation! Looking forward to seeing some progress on this project. I still think it may be best to fabricate something to bring the whole upper spring perch down lower instead of just relying on taller springs and spacers. I just would worry about the lack of stability from a spring and spacer combination as tall as what it looks like you would need. Moving the upper perch would also let you customize it to line up straight with the new axle location so you don’t end up with too much arch in the springs.
  8. I know it’s not the same as the stresses from a winch pulling, but for a basic strength test I’m happy to see the bumper has no problem supporting the weight of the truck (at least the front of it). This is just lifting from the round tube on the front of the bumper. I took it slow, but it lifted both wheels with no complaints. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the drivers wheel was off the ground just enough to spin it by hand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Update. I’ve put about 300 miles on it since cleaning the throttle body and so far not one single problem with start up! Lesson learned, if you have a VQ with the drive by wire throttle, they really don’t like being dirty.
  10. You have a keen eye for detail I’ll give you that!! The holes are not threaded, it’s just the way it looks from marks left by the step bit that was used to bore out the holes. But, my dad and I said the same thing....we both looked at it and said it almost looked like a threaded hole, lol. It’s bolted on with grade 8 bolts/nuts/lock washers.
  11. Well, after giving the feedback/criticism some thought, I decided to pull the winch back off and add some reinforcement to the winch and fairlead mount. I’m sure it still isn’t the best design, but I do feel a lot better about this being able to spread the load out across more of the bumper. I was going for a minimalist design at first, but I agree it was a bit too minimalist.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. No worries at all on the criticism, I appreciate the feedback since this is my first venture into a winch set up. I’m not sure the thickness of the tube portion of the bumper, but the main cross frame is just a smidge under 1/4 steel. I didn’t measure it with a micrometer but I’d say it’s 15/64 or 7/32. I had a winch in mind from the beginning with this bumper, so I also boxed it in from behind before mounting it and added some triangular braces in a few places to tie a few parts of it together more. The brackets are all 15/64 steel and it ties into the truck with a total of 12 contact points. Of course I may be wrong still....but I feel pretty good about the strength of the bumper itself and the mounting points. I think you have a good point about the winch and fairlead brackets not being substantial enough so I think I’ll go back and add some more cross reinforcement between the two and also tie it back into the bumper more to spread out the load where it contacts the bumper.
  13. That’s crazy how the spring popped out like that! Looks like it was a good trip.
  14. With the welding all out of the way last night, I got the winch finished up this morning. I had to cut out the center section of the grill to clear the winch. It left a bit more open space above the winch than I liked and I wasn’t sure what i was going to do about it, but then I figured out my light bar would fill in the space just about perfect! I hadn’t quite figured out where I was going to put the light bar since It used to go where the winch is now, so that took care of two problems at once! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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