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  1. Anyone figure out any solutions to this problem? I had a 2" AC lift kit installed last year to fit bigger tires and it ended up being more like 4" and I have torn 2 sets of cv boots. The added clearance makes driving in the bush awesome and the vehicle is very capable. I have a feeling I may run in to some more issues in the future unless I address the cv axle angles... Ideally without going for a SFD
  2. Did you get any lift with this combo or did you use spacers as well?
  3. Also - do you have part numbers for the front components you recommend?
  4. Thanks for the advice! I spent the weekend pouring over the lift threads and have found some pretty good info. I am now going to go for a bit of rake for keeping level while loaded - something I wouldn't have even thought of until reading up. Looks like I'll be going with the LR NRC9449s and a set of Bilsteins for the rear. Pretty good prices from lrdirect.com. Seems like the front is a bit more difficult to decide on than the rear. I wonder if anyone has used LR coils up front with any luck? Or if anyone knows of an existing complete strut assembly that can do the job? I have considered different cargo ideas for hauling my tools around but quickly realized that as soon as the weekend hits, all the tools come out to make room for the toys haha. I settled on a rolling tool stack instead.
  5. Hi there. I recently bought a 2003 stock Chilkoot pathfinder and am looking to give it a small lift with longer coils and struts rather than going with spacers. I mostly just need the clearance for getting to camp spots and shuttling fsrs for mountain biking but I’m also a carpenter and drive around with my tools in the back. Ideally I would like a lift to fit some bigger tires and to increase ground clearance but am looking for something sturdy enough to handle the weight of all the tools/camping gear/mountain bikes and riders as well. As my wrenching abilities are quite amateur I will have my mechanic do the work but he is having a difficult time locating parts for the job within Canada. Does anyone have a recommendation for parts that would work for this purpose? Input and advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Kaes

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