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  1. Definitely following this with anticipation.
  2. Interesting..So to special order a board I would have to talk direct to Nistune? I'm going to be swapping a VG33ER here soon and was looking at doing a diy Megasquirt later down the road but this catches my interest to get it running up sooner than later.
  3. Not on my end. On the invoice the value was listed as 198.00, I assume the rest is shipping and related costs.
  4. Got mine in. Came by a shipping company called TNT. Gonna wait for it to cool down before I put it in.
  5. I would be interested in a front and rear for my 94 if they offer for othe years.
  6. I found these a while back. Have been considering them myself. http://www.truck-lite.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&productId=92027'> http://www.truck-lite.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&productId=92027 http://www.hidprojectors.com/product.php?type=34&multi=0'> http://www.hidprojectors.com/product.php?type=34&multi=0
  7. ill toss in $100 for a good cause. the email was a good idea, like trailchaser i dont come that often any more but i do value this place. let me know when and where to send
  8. meh nothing new i do 75-80 regularly, and 85-90 on i-45. whats new is how huge that sign is! ive never seen a sign that big befor just to tell you the limit. hell they need to fix parts of i-10 before you can even do 65 much less 80. what they need to do is stop giving out licences to idiots. ive seen so many idiots on motorcycles doing wheelies at 90mph and stunting. or people cutting accross three lanes to get to an exit ramp at mid rush hour and even seen three people try to CROSS THE HIGHWAY on FOOT with bags in hand . btw this highway has no median.
  9. well one of the reason i was looking at the rubber was ride, i know its an 4x4 but i figured it helped the ride a bit plus i had already paid for them. that and the polys are squeeky. but the polys wont degrade like the rubbers to salt and weather.
  10. i got my new UCAs today and with them came new poly bushings, i wasnt planning on using the bushings that came with them cause i had a set of Moog replacement bushings i was going to put in my stock UCAs befor i decided to lift it. the Moog bushings are basically OEM rubber and are tight as hell to try and put in but the polys go in easier. i wanted to try and keep a OEM ride some and not make it so stiff but the moog bushings are different in shape too. shorter and different. what im wondering is do yall think that there will be and adverse affects cause of the shape how it is? im guessing its going to spread out some when compressed but there like 50% less surface area thats going to come in contact. i preffere the idea of the tighter fit the moogs offer but im just curious to know what yall think. btw the polys are on the left moog on the right.
  11. hah last time i went to mexico i saw a semi trailer with out the body in almost that same get up cept on a wooden crate. he was just cruising like he does it every day.
  12. i myself am a massing the parts i need, im going to redo the whole front end. ive got the UCA bushings and BJs, all the wheel bearings and seals, new manual warn hubs, new rotors cause mine are gouged out and screwed, compression rod bushings. all i need are the lower BJs and LCA bushings. then i can dive into the project of getting it done.
  13. yep they are loud, mine has a flowmaster on it and sounds sweet when i rev it up. ill try to get a recording of it one of these days.
  14. i wish i had money cause those are awsome
  15. prolly just for compressed air to force it out
  16. hah i did the same with a socket. very fun aint it?
  17. one thing that bothers me is the claim about all the interior work with no shots of the interior. you cant see what kinda workmanship they put in the vehical. the finer detail is what i like too see. these are all claims that they gotta back up but dont. i would be surprised if they do sell it.
  18. is the blue one a Spec-V? those suckers are sweet. ive been kinda wanting to get one. but i cant deside. a black Spec-V or a 68-73 Datsun 510.
  19. hhhahhahhahahahahaha gotta love old people
  20. from my understanding you need the headlight mounts (those things in my link above) so you can mount them on your vehical. the reason is cause those hella lights are basically the the same except they are not a sealed beam. sealed beam being you have to replace the entire light and lens and housing combo to put in a new one. the hella ones are made to be perminant and just replacing the bulb not the entire assembly IE lens and housing. the mount allowed the you to replace the sealed beam headlight with out having to reaim the sucker every time it went out. the hellas are a direct replacement for the sealed beam that would be why you need the mounts for you truck.
  21. well you need the headlight mouinting hardware. headlight mounts
  22. all first gen pathfinders came with that notched headlight. some hardbodies did but they changed that to the sealed beam type. you can convert to those hella lights but you will need hardbody headlight bucket/housings and the associated grille and corner markers. the hardbody and pathfinder use the same radiator support and their parts are interchangable. this is where i got the idea from. i plan to do it as soon as i have sufficient funds. http://www.4x4parts.com/ubbthreads/showfla...rev=#Post369777
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