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Wheres all the seasoned npora guys at. SC stuff


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Lets talk SC stuff. Im familiar enough with it being i swapped my 00 xterra.

Buddy has a 97 that is SAS and hes diggin the SC swap i did. 

I have a spare xterra motor with all the bracketry so we can get the alternator and ps pump swapped to the correct sides if need be but i dont see that being an issue.

What i do see being an issue is that the ECUs have a different pigtail. which doesnt allow me to plug an play the xterra ecu into the r50.

This brings me to my next thing.

option A, stock ecu, stock injectors, Xterra maf, wide band and see whats going on.

option B, stock ecu, SC injectors, z32 or maxima maf, wide band, ect

Option C stock ecu, stock injectors, Boost reference FPR, wideband ECT.


We had a rear mount turbo R50 once with just the FPR and it ran great on 7-10lbs. Never blew up, never hesitated, and made good liniar power.


Ive searched all over the web for a SC swapped vg R50.

Give me some light if you have it casue if not we are moving forward anyway with trial an error  



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good deal. ive been trying to find someone who has attempted it. Commented on one of his videos to see if hes still around. Curous to know if its still kicking. Running na ecu and injectors may be Risky but unplugged o2s would give he extra fuel. question questions questions lol 

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im sure its possible, do we want to go to that extent though? not really. i got majority of all the parts cleaned up at work so far and i think we may shoot for this weekend to stick it all together. guy we got it from didnt really have all the bolts so thats gonna be fun. but ill keep this updated as we go. stock ecu and stock injectors should be fine since these things have a pretty fat fuel map as it is. plus we have a boost reference FPR worst case 

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got it on. only thing we used from the Xterra was the supercharger, intake, lower intake, and pulley bridge. Stock ecu, stock crank pulley, stock injectors, stock maf. got a 69.5in 6 rib belt, cut 1 rib off to fit the 5 groove crank pulley and ac compressor. fits like a dream. Notched a half hole on the top right bolt for the tensioner bracket since it was off half a hole and pinched it tight with the bolt. cut the hood and we are good to go. Gonna hook up a sniffer to it to see what AFRs are looking like but with headers no cats and full 2.5in exhaust we are still getting some black smoke so dont think its leaning out. moved knock sensor up to the top of the sc but i think it may be pulling timing when it hears some stuff. gonna get it on a scanner and see whats happening there also, may stick a resistor in place. good bit of teflon was missing so we are seeing just a smidge above 5lbs on the boost gauge, we got a buddy who does cerakoteing and other engine assembly coatings which are safe for the sc rotors so we may rebuild it and get them coated. 

Other wise it runs great and zero issues so far 




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