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what sensor is it


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hi guys what sensor is this,  the one near the injector on vg33e as in the picture red circled

and what is it in the second picture? near the battery

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That 2nd sensor looks to be the ambient air temperature sensor.

Is that in front of the battery, toward the vehicle's grill?


I also can't quite get my bearings on the first picture.  What side of the engine?

If I had to guess, I think I'm seeing it inside an exhaust runner?  Or is that an intake runner?

But it seems to be integrated with the piping...which would lead me to believe it's the EGR system or the AIR system.

EGR = exhaust gas recirculation which is used to improve emissions in some situations

AIR = air injection system to treat exhaust gasses, also for emissions


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I'm pretty sure that first one's a fuel injector. My '93 has a dropper resistor for the trans in a similar location to the thing in the second pic, so I'm betting that's what you're looking at there.


The service manual should show both units, though it may take some trial and error to find the right diagram.

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i'm sure i was sleepy when i circled the fuel injector, sorry it is my mistake ... but in the same picture there is a plug near the injector that what i need to know what is it.if it will help the first picture is for the passenger side


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