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  1. after a lot of digging i found out what sensor is it, it is the engine coolant temperature sensor harness connector
  2. i'm sure i was sleepy when i circled the fuel injector, sorry it is my mistake ... but in the same picture there is a plug near the injector that what i need to know what is it.if it will help the first picture is for the passenger side
  3. hi guys what sensor is this, the one near the injector on vg33e as in the picture red circled and what is it in the second picture? near the battery
  4. hi guys what sensor is this, the one near the injector on vg33e as in the picture red circled and what is it in the second picture? near the battery
  5. I change the oil and filter every 5~6kM, with Valvoline High Mileage MaxLife Technology 20W-50 Synthetic Blend, it is now 316000 KM
  6. hi guys, what is did last week, installed 1" spacers all around (SFCreation), rear shocks from Gabriel Ultra G force, replaced timing belt, some Polly, transmission fluid, fixed coolant leak, valve cover gaskets, temperature sensor, replaced some vacuum hose, spark plugs and cables.
  7. i asked because i am facing, i do know if i can call it overheat, the case is as follow, driving highway, rush hours and on traffic light with AC running i do not feel any extra heat (not overheating), but when climbing hell, load the engine on soft sand, the AC is off it start overheat. what i did so far new thermostat, new water pump and did inspect the radiator by expert he said the radiator is in a good shape.
  8. thanks for the info. will from the VIN number it says it is a 2002 model with VG33e.
  9. i have a Pathfinder 2002 with vg33e does it has a water control valve?
  10. hello Guys, while i was parking my pathy i damaged my driver side mirror the good thing is the outer cover did not broke, the inner mechanism and the mirror were completely damaged, i was wondering if i can buy only the inner mechanism?
  11. hello experts, I start facing problem with my pathfinder 2002 Automatic transmission, after driving the car and reaching operating temperature, when I stop at traffic light and switch from D to N or P, and return back to D, the gear is not responding till I hit the pedal, I checked the transmission fluid level and color nothing I did not note anything unusual, while driving nothing is wrong the response is good and the kick down response is fast. What could be the problem? Note I start facing this problem when the weather start getting worm.
  12. hello people, i am having a fluid leaking from power steering rack pinion do you recommend replace with a used clean one or is there a repair kit i cab buy online?

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