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Door Lock Timer

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I know that there are a lot of post here about the door lock timer, but I thought I would post some pics as I was checking mine out......


Left Rear Inside all intact......



With speaker, jack and panel removed!!!!!



Closeup of the door lock timer!!!!!



Hope this helps whoever is looking into this problem!!!!!!



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I just got done helping someone on another forum with a lock problem, it turned out to be a broken wire between the timer and the master window switch on the drivers door, he ran a new power wire to the timer and it fixed it all.

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does anyone has a picture of the conecctor just to see where the wires go in mine there were no conecctors or timer :s i just got a used timer but I need a diagram were the wires go to!...

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not to :jacked: but..how do you know when your door lock timer is bad? coz all my doors lock when you push down on teh driver or passenger side lock..and the unlock/lock buttons work fine..but not my keyless?

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Scratch that - found it. here are some pics.






Theres my problem, this trace blew out. I will try and solder it.





Heres the part http://www.courtesyparts.com/28450x-timer-assy-door-lock-pathfinder-wd21-02/1994-cal-w/4d-4wd-02/1994-fed-v/4d-fed-w/4d-4wd-w/4d-2wd-02/1-p-546043.html?cPath=5572_5573_5611_5618&



$93.00. Ouch. Junk yard time.

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Well I ran a bead of solder accross that gap and the doors still wont lock. I can hear the relay clicking and trying, but failing miserably hahah.


I ran over the junk yard and found a module out of a 95 XE but it was a 28453-9975, and did not make the locks work either...

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The trace looks awfully clean and square-ended for a burnout. If the board was buggered enough to blow a trace, I'll bet several components would have already released the factory smoke. There's always the chance that your problem isn't that unit, but a bad wire somewhere between it and the lock actuators, a bad ground, etc.

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I love it when they feel the need to put "don't drop" on the part. Like someone was going to drop it on purpose. They should put "If you just dropped it your probably screwed".


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