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  1. yeah thats why i wanted to make it the right way dont wanna create any more stress on the muffler bracket...
  2. if is there! is for a reason right?...
  3. Hi does anyone has a picture of the Intermediate exhaust pipe brackets from a 93 pathy 4WD im planning on replacing it i got the new pipe but I think Im missing some brackets that hold down to the transfer case Im not sure I pretty much need a picture to seee what a stock pipe brackets looks like it and then I can get those parts... thanks...
  4. thats ur alarm unit not the door lock timer..
  5. does anyone has a picture of the conecctor just to see where the wires go in mine there were no conecctors or timer :s i just got a used timer but I need a diagram were the wires go to!...
  6. how much you want for it shipped to MN?...
  7. RoDy

    fuel economy

    I have a 93 pathfinder 5 speed that is getting about 16 miles per gallon between city and highway about 160 miles in half of a tank it has 330000 miles on it... maybe a full tune up will help....
  8. i found this Here is the Link a couple of months ago when I was going to change my tranny oil i had my doubt if it really had the 5.1L of oil in there hope it helps
  9. you guys know if I can put the Redline heavy shockproof gear oil in the rear differential and would i still need an additive for LSD I have some left from one of my cars here is the link from the Redline site Click here
  10. hi guys Im in need of a cruise control pedal switch for my pathfinder these are the one that i found on ebay My link and this one My link now my questions is if anyone know these 2 are the same if they are i'll go for the cheaper one thanks guys...
  11. check under your drivers seat and if you see 2 boxes you have a keyless entry at least 93s are like that...
  12. RoDy

    locknut torque?

    yeah that is basically what I was planing on doing to it... I might just get the socket to save me some trouble thanks guys great info!...
  13. RoDy

    locknut torque?

    basically i dont really need a locknut socket I was planning on getting 1 just to put the right torque on the locknut checking for play is the key to it!
  14. anyone knows how mucho torque do I have to put in the front wheel locknuts with auto hubs on a 93 pathfinder
  15. is this the keyless entry under the drivers seat? is this the same for a 1993 pathy?

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