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So my girlfriend and I have never been snowboarding, ever.


So now it is our (and by our I mean I'm doing all the work and she's just going OK) plan to remedy this situation! We've already found a friend who lives close to the snow (he has a cabin up in the mountains too but it's only close to a really expensive ski resort) and a resort that is having learn to ride specials for January.


But really I am totally clueless as to well everything. I know I'm going to need a warm jacket and pants (jacket will be ordered soon and ski pants are being given to me by a friend who has an extra pair). I also know I'm going to need some gloves (also being ordered) and goggles.


So what can y'all recommend to me? Anything I should know? Something I probably wouldn't think of that I will need?

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uh oh.

Do you have a nice life unsurance program that designates a portion of your property be sold off to fund the NPORA Members kegger :beer: ? I mean, not saying we want anything to happen...but we dont want your assets going to waste :nono:

JK JK uh make sure your gloves are heavy duty, cos the last time I went snowboarding (years ago) i recall putting my hands down alot and tearing through a pair pretty quickly.

Oh and make sure you learn how to stop, that usually helps...


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Working from the inside out...the secret is layers


Polypropelene base layer underwear that wicks away moisture

long underwear

Thin wool socks (your boots will keep your feet warm)

Long sleeved thin turtle neck

Thin fleece top

Neck tube or bandanna or scarf to cover your face



Gloves (mitts if it is really cold)

Snow pants

Wind breaker

Chap stick


Winter tires


have fun!!!

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JK JK uh make sure your gloves are heavy duty, cos the last time I went snowboarding (years ago) i recall putting my hands down alot and tearing through a pair pretty quickly.




Oddly enough it's cheaper to buy 3 pairs of these than 1 pair of another

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How cold is this place going to be? You want to make sure you stay warm, but you don't want to sweat. If you sweat, you will freezzzzeee when on the chair lift.


top: I always take thermal underwear, t-shirts, wool sweater, light hoodie, and my snowboarding jacket. You can mix and match those a ton of different ways to stay warm and stay dry.


As for bottoms, thermal underwear, sweats, light track pants and waterproof ski pants (my pants have no insulation, just weatherproof with a bunch of zipper vents). Mix and match for desired warmth.


You will NEED some warm socks. I wear Carhartt cold weather boot socks. SmartWool is considered the best, but those are twice as much as the Carhartts at $20 a pair and I don't notice any difference.


Don't skimp of gloves either. Buy a set specifially for skiing or snowboarding. They are extra waterproof which is the most necessary part for a beginner because your hands will be in the snow often. I have a pair of Burtons that have a removable wool liner.


Of course a beanie.


And, honestly, since it is your first time I would recommend some baseball slider shorts. You are going to be spending a lot of time on your ass and those will keep the soreness down. :)


You will notice I emphasize that you want to STAY DRY!!! When you get wet you will be miserable and you won't have any fun. Those Military mittens above would be great for hiking, but will be the worst with skiing. They will get snow on them and the heat of your hands will melt the snow and they will get soaked in minutes.

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