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Peeling Clear Coat


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The clear coat is peeling off part of one of the doors and the roof. Can it be stopped? When I bought this pathy 2 years ago it was suspiciously shiny and new looking so I'm guessing it has been resprayed recently. I'm pretty bummed about it. Every time it rains it gets worse. anyhelp would be appreciated.



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use a strong pressure washer to strip it off.


If it's peeling off, don't spend time worrying about stopping it. It wasn't applied properly in the first place. Every time you get a stone chip it will peel.


Better if you want to fix it, to strip down as much as you can and get a body shop to properly prep the color coat and respray a clear coat.

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Mine started doing the same thing. Definitely was not prepared properly, and either sprayed too thinly, or the mix was off.


I am not going to worry too much about it, since it is an old truck...


But it certainly bothers me...every dang time I look at it.

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