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    all my info can be found in littlered89's profile. you see thats me, except i forgot my password for the millionth time, and dont have the email address I used to first register here. So..i guess i'm hooped on that one.
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  1. Hi all, I haven't been around for a while as I sold my pathy long ago(sacrilige I know). Anyway, Iv'e just recently gotten in to the powersports side of off roading and am working at CAN-Am/Suzuki dealer. If anyone is looking for or knows people in the saskatoon area. send them my way, we can get pretty much anything here. shoot an email to adams@ffunmotorsports.com or call 306-934-3717 and ask for Adam. Cheers
  2. Just as skin develops freckles for protection after being damaged by the sun; i believve my brain has been damaged enough (by other things) that if it were skin it would be all freckle coloured......the U is because i spell the word properly.
  3. Scored some free...FREE 31 x10.5's and put em on at work. Also, smashed my thumb reaaly good putting a wheel wght on
  4. all em do, up to 95. theyre pretty cheap to buy new.
  5. Am I ever glad I work at good ol'CT; I got some afterwork-time in the shop...air tools, tire machine, hoist, the works! gave me a chance to finally get my spare off the old steely and onto the proper al-you-min-ium wheel soooo shiney! cleaned out the K&N cone for the CAI...what a mess that was(first timer here). Finally got my hands on a timing light to reset the timing but when I set it to 12 the idle goes up to 1200. Adjust the idle screw you say? its maxxed out, I can't so 15 it is for now I guess. I started a thread in here about my engine quitting when I let off the gas...got that solved.....dashpot yeah. AND....drum roll...scored 2 free tires ...buutt one is a full size spare(no wear) and the other is at 1/2 tread. So, the big question for any experienced members is- Is that enough of a difference on a normal LT tire to eff up my diffs? I'm a little worried, but if anyone in running like that with no problems (front and rear) please lemme know as i would really like to save the $300
  6. No advatages.. And a 93 will run with ethNol just fine.
  7. Changed out a flat so now its one steely vs 3 aluminums. Worked out some wiring issues and gave my rad the finger
  8. Its all hopeless. Jap and u.s markets lost their character years ago. Xterra what? that should have been the next gen pathys to carry on for 2 decades. Instead nissan went with pathy, xterra, xtrail, armada....what the hell company carries 4.......FOUR...... SUV classes? Nevermind Infinity....i've lost all hope
  9. Wow. Seems to be a bit of a spat going on....all i did was look at mine. Nothing else. I just looked at it......gorgeous POS.
  10. I swapped my dashto a 93 and im having the same issue below a 1/4tank. I cant find the reason for my life. Just wanted to chime in ciz im happy im not crazy. It seems to mess up at the same point so i just keep it above 1/4
  11. Scotch meat pies and blood pudding/sausage. I cant find where i live but the first person to serve it has me for life.. Oh....and BACON. Smoked, maple, applewood, pemeal, back(canadian), thick or thin; it doesn't matter..
  12. Despite the bad comments i like the look of the headlight pop out. My question is where did you get the JDM side markers and turn signals? I've always wanted them but cant find them. Even my buddy at ProbodyParts cant gettem for me
  13. Hey 94, if you cant find the bolt he's talking about,look at the ps pulley. You have to turn it so one of the holes is at the top. The you can slip a socket right onto the mounting bolt.
  14. Actually you're a bit wrong. The briton accent is due to speeeking gaelic and having other languages introduced...ever hear english people sing? The accent dissapears completely... And, Canadians say ab-out...not american a-bow-t. We also say roof and root, not NE american ruff and rutt. Which i always laugh at because they still say boot properly. And lets not even mention your louisiaaaaana or our east coasters

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