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Ok, So I have had what I thought was a header collector gasket leak for a while now with a light "playing card stuck in a bicycle spoke" sound when I get on the gas rapidly.

I checked around the engine with an auto-stethoscope and the loudest place I could get the noise from was the collector flanges. Nothing except normal noise from block and heads.

Was planning on replacing the gaskets next week with copper ones.


Driving to school today I noticed another - louder - ticking/knocking coming from the engine. Scared me to death when I pulled up next to another truck and heard it. Pulled off and stuck the truck in neutral, started poking around with the stethoscope again. Can't find where this noise is coming from.

Heads sound fine. Rockers sound normal. Block sounds normal. Pan sounds normal. Pulled the dipstick and oil isn't really dirty and there are no metal shavings in it.


I'm not definite if this is a tick or a knock.


I'm going to do a full oil change tomorrow and saw the filter in half to check for shavings too.


Any ideas? The collectors flanges are still noisy - and this is a different tick than the first one.


Could it just be the other side collector gasket blew and is much noisier?

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It's quite possible, or an exhaust leak developed on the other side. Try pulling your truck beside a wall, then rev it to see if you can reproduce the sound you heard.

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its definitely my truck.


last night on the way home from work it started making the same noise a couple of minutes into the trip. pulled over, got out and started to use the stethoscope - still cant quite place it. It does NOT reverberate from the oil pan at all.


After I had stopped the sound died down until It was not there at all anymore. Drove away again. It did not return right away, but came back about 15 mins later just before I got home.


The sound is throughout the whole rpm range when it occurs. And I think its more mettalic and less hollow than a knocking sound. Ill take a video and post it.

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I don't know about the ticking but when you reved it, it sounds like the bearings in your idler pulley are gone.


you mean the small ticking noise?


Sounds like a bad lifter tick.


i think thats what it was.


I did an oil change and the noise is gone - so far. No metal shavings or bits in the oil or the filter. Only about 1.5quarts came out when I drained it, and then another 1 or so from the filter. so thats 2 quarts I was down on oil!!! My rear main leak is worse than I thought.

I'll just have to make damn sure I have 4+ quarts of oil in there.

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its amazing what an oil change can do :)

i had the same problem and my oil light kept going on

then i changed the oil with some mobil 1 synthetic and now its like the problem wasn't even there

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check the lower fan shroud cover. Maybe it's the plastic hitting/rattling.


I have the Taurus electric fan mod so dont have a fan shroud.


The loud tick has gone since I changed the oil though, so it was just a lifter deprived of oil.


I'll be taking the tranny out over summer and replacing the rear main.

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