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  1. Not sure where you're at (little too lazy to look at profiles right now..) but I still have the yakima set up from my pathfinder, worked great. They use the metal tabs that are already in your factory roof rails and mount like that. I used to carry 4 kayaks or 4 mountain bikes or 2 kayaks and my friend sitting in one of them... its a strong set up. I was a certified yakima installer/rep at the shop I used to work at so if you have any questions let me know.
  2. yea, junior year got the best of me, but now that I'm a senior... I put up a couple pics and an update in the off topic section. Everyone here is so much more friendly than XOC....
  3. Land Rover Freelander? or whatever their lil SUV is edited for poor spelling...
  4. I thought the same thing when I saw it, the rear door handle is a dead giveaway. I got that same e-mail with the series of pictures. Somewhere in the Netherlands I think.. not sure. Anyways, still sucks.
  5. Nismo - My pathfinder had 102,xxx when I sold it. At that point... New clutch @ 70K New Struts, shocks, rear control arm bushings @77K New belts, idler pulley and alternator @85K New CVs @ 90K AC lift @ 90K New Transfer case @ 99K Needed new tranny Needed a CEL issue resolved (CPOS sensor) Rear diff had started to leak Transfer case had started to leak Manifolds ticked, even though the dealer swore they were fine.. So maybe a lot of that was regular maintainence, but it just sure seemed like a lot of money every 6 months of so. And my buddy with a 96 was not having the same problems as I was, things just seemed to wear out early on mine. Alas. I stuck wth Nissan. Pez - I searched for the OR in six speed for a good couple months and I couldn't really ever find one in my price range so, no, it is an S. Would've loved the factory locker and the clutch start cancel, but both of those can be added later once I actually start to make money.
  6. So it's definitely been quite some time since i showed myself around here, apparently you do have to start studying at some point in college and I found that point last year. Anyways, for some updates. My pathfinder blew its transfer case last winter right before I was supposed to drive back to school. Cute, so after purchasing a used transfer case and having that installed, my transmission began to groan (5speed) and I was told it would need to be rebuilt. I know nissan makes a great product, but I think I got an abused pathfinder, as it was nothing but problems for the couple years I had it. Thus, I sold it this summer and thanks to the great people at USAA took out a low interest loan and bought a used 05 Xterra with 6500 miles. I have really fallen in love with this truck, the 6 speed paired with the 4.0L V6 is an amazing combination. The ABLS is also great off road. On top of all that, it gets 22-24 on the highway which is great compared my 16 in the old pathy. Here are a couple pics from GWNF, back when it was warm. And here is my moron friend in his 04 Fronty stuck in a sink hole over winter break. Anyways, graduation is coming fast, looks like the X and I are heading to Pensacola, Florida for flight school this summer, hopefully I can find some places to play out there.
  7. no. I believe MP3 capabilities for Nissan CD players debuted with the 05 Xterra/Frontier upgraded radio.
  8. I actually noticed the exact same thing as Dan, went to clean my MAF and there was a nice coating of dirt on it. The thought of that stuff being further in the engine inspired a nice sea foaming. I'm sure K&N is fine for street use, but fine dust and dirt just seems to go right through
  9. yep, hi-lift and stock running board... oops
  10. thats a steal. I paid 38.88 for the twin pack.. maybe I should go get some backups.
  11. I put the silverstars in. They are nice.
  12. I don't know if this applies to the pathy, but when a buddy and I pulled the actual headlights from a 92 Ford Tempo way back in HS to change the bulbs we then had to realign the headlights and that REALLY sucks. You might be better off pulling the battery if that is the case with the path.
  13. Huh, well guess it's finally time to replace that thing. It's been throwing that code for two years, but I guess it's finally gone loco. it's a 70 dollar part and I might have to partially drop the tranny. fun....
  14. It's a manual so with the clutch in or in N
  15. Settles at about 900 after being fully warmed up, like 20-30 minutes sometimes
  16. Ok I don't know if some of you remember my transfer case story from Decemeber, basically had to be replaced. Anyways, after I got it back from the shop it idled WAY higher than it ever had before. I figured it had to with them changing the serpentine belts, tensioner pulley, harmonic balancer and checking the SES light. Mess with the computer and that stuff, figured a month or so would let it settle back into normal. It hasn't. This is now almost april and everytime I start it it kicks up to 2K, fuel cuts, 2K cuts, 2K and falls to about 1900 and slowly works it way down as it warms up to a warm idle of about 900-1000. I am at a loss, the only code on the SES was the same one that has been there for years, the Crankshaft POS Sensor. Been there since my clutch was replaced. Any ideas? (I will be starting another topic for my other neat issue)
  17. My light stopped coming on. I put in 19.7 one time and the light had not come on
  18. What about Syn/Blends? Are those just BS?
  19. My dad almost shelled ou the 250 his dealer wanted to fix it... That was pretty poor on Nissan's part
  20. new CD player meaning aftermarket? Well you will be hard pressed to find an in dash aftermarket 6disc. I looked, pioneer used to make one but they aren't any more and that unit is few and far between on the ol' ebay. As for the BOSE unit, I know in the 01's it sucks and ends up breaking, happened to my fathers. We got a standard in dash nissan 6 disc changer off ebay and it plugged right in and worked fine.
  21. Yea. well. I had to be back here by the 3rd for start of classes, came back for new years (Truck was not done) then blitzed home on friday picked up pathy and drove back saturday. Needless to say I am beat. combine that with 24 credits this time around and I want it to be summer. It's all done though, runs great (had some other things done while it was in harmonic balancer, idler pulley, etc)
  22. Update: It was ATF in the transfer case. So who knows what went wrong, something was definately wrong as there was this horrible driveline howl at highway speeds.... oh well just money.
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    I just let the sun's UV rays bend it... haha.

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