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  1. Thats awesome. He should be able to sell tons of those. Everyone emails me asking can I just but a used vg33 and put it in my older truck. The vg33s are cheaper than a used vg30.
  2. Here is some pictures of the bigger vg30 crank in a w/d21. http://nissantrailriders.com/forum_old/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=783&start=10 Still looking for the part number.
  3. Here is my vg30 compared to vg33 page. May answer some of your concerns. http://nissannut.com/maintenance/vg33e_upgrade/compare/ I am not familiar with the 510 adapter. But the easiest swap is use a 96 CANADA d21 harmonic balancer. 95 was the last year for vg30 in w/d21. Canada models still got vg30. It has been noticed that some wd21s starting in 94 had the larger crank and harmonic balancer. I will have to find pictures and part number. But I have heard its a pure bolton.
  4. His brake stainless brake line got pinched on the shock mount and had a small hole. The hill is VERY steep. I put some vise grips on the line and he made the hard trail with help of a winch. Then he stuffed right front and snapped a ujoint. But made it off the trail and onto trailer! Unlike last time when he destroyed OEM elocker and shredded front shaft. Not too many Nissans on 38x14s!!!
  5. Here is one from This month: NissanNut: First picture with new winch.
  6. Thats wierd. I sold my 96 SE 5spd to a Lady in Tx and she named it Betsy. But it was totalled a few years ago in houston. Hopefully we will have another trip soon.. I will post up when I know. Here is a few vids.
  7. Looks like we have 2 frontier SAS, 1 pathfinder, 2 jeeps, 1 toyota and 1 zuki buggy. We need more pathfinders!!!! Weather is looking awesome. sunny and 67!
  8. I have some 85 USA 720 carb vacumm diagrams I scanned when I did my z24i conversion. Probably similar to yours. 1985 was the last year of carbs in US. http://nissannut.com/projects/z24i_fuel_injection I get emails from all over the world. Apparently they are very helpful. The 85 z24 was extremely complicated vacum lines on my California models. I had my 85 for 10 years.
  9. Looks like we will have 2 SAS Frontiers, towed by Titans. Anyone interested? This is the place: http://www.barnwellmountainra.com/
  10. Nice work!! It looks just like the Patrol tx12 doubler! I love the OEM shifters! I bet it shifts real nice.
  11. Jeep Grand Wagoneer 80s. Looks the same as my donor axle. This is a great upgrade!!!
  12. Here is the rear 2 holders. more pix here: http://nissannut.com/projects/center_console_wd21
  13. Here is my 5 cup holder R50 inspired. I sold the 96 R50 to buy another wd21. But I missed my cup holders. So I made this: Moving the pbrake was the best idea to make space.
  14. A few of us are going wheeling in Gilmer TX Jan 11-12th. Anyone interested? I will be in my 92 SAS pathy. My buddy with his Frontier SAS and a few jeeps. Stock Pathfinders are welcome.
  15. Mine failed last year for the same reason. It was the O2 sensor. The 90-93 version is only rated for 30k. They hard to find cheap.
  16. Very nice. My auto has never gotten better than 15mpg. But Its not exactly stock. My 96 r50 5speed got 20mpg ONCE. Normally around 16-18mpg. So that sounds good. I wonder what the vg30 cams would do. Apparently there more aggressive.
  17. Wow great write up!! Thanks for kind words. Glad I could help. I dont have mine installed yet, but glad to hear yours passed smog tests. I plan to smog mine as stock also.
  18. I think its this shaft. I agree with Steve. Pretty sure these guys know there stuff. They make lots of crawler gears, portals etc. It looks like it goes through the front bearing.
  19. I was going to ask you about this. Since they normally sell through advance adapters. And you had advance make the atlas adapter. Be awesome if you (ruggedrocks.com) could sell these. Those pix are the old tx12 design. I have no idea what your talking about bad design. Not sure if the tx10 will be same or not.
  20. It will be a normal stocked item. If they make it. I have 10 or so people interested. Hopefully we can all come up with the money for the initial build to get the product made.
  21. No. The kit comes with all the custom shift parts shown in the picture above. You have to supply the Nissan shift parts. You only have to make a steel rod from the shifter to the lever similar to the stock one. Or lenghten the stock one. $5 of steel. This is the MAIN reason I want this compared to an atlas or a dana 300. I love the tx10 shifter. Its simple and solid. The shifters are OEM and IMO much better than the $300 cable setup.
  22. Marks 4wd is willing to make a tx10 verison of there tx12 (patrol tcase). G'Day Barry, Thank you for your email & interest in our products. The dual transfer case kit we do for the Patrol's will not suit the TX10 transfer case. Although they look similar they are different internally. We could look at doing a kit to suit your transfers but we would need a minimum order or 10 plus 50% deposit up front We are looking at keeping the cost the same as the Nissan Patrol dual adaptor. Kit would have same components, adaptor, shaft, & bearing. You would need to do a shifter set up for your rigs . AUD $ = $927.27 US depending on exchange rate approx US$725 based on .78cents. Shipping not included in price Keep in touch & let us know how you go. Time frame would be approx 6-10 weeks as we have to have patterns made for the adaptor etc This is there TX12 version. Note they make the adpater that connects to range boxs. So you have 2 gear ratios. 2:1, 4:1. But if you have 4:1 gears in one box. You get 3 ratios. 2:1, 4:1 and 8:1. :cool: More details here: http://www.marks4wd.com/products/gearmaster/Nissan-gq-gu-dual-tc.htm Can we round up 10+ folks with tx10s? I added the tx12 instructions here. 8megs!!! http://nissannut.com/marks4wd/MFK1595.pdf More pix here; http://nissannut.com/marks4wd This is what comes in the kit. http://nissantrailriders.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=443

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