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  1. There's actually 2 relays in the in-line fusebox. I only took a picture of one as they're identical.
  2. Yeah, it did originally have the de-icer but it doesn't work now as the truck has had several new windscreens. I don't need it anyway as NZ doesn't get cold enough, although there was that one time the wipers iced to the screen at the skfield... Would have cost me $$$ anyway. I think my truck was factory fitted with a cold weather pack - it's got the de-icer, twin batteries and the rear LSD.
  3. Here's the other fusebox. Nothing HID-related in it. My truck also has factory remote unlocking.
  4. Christchurch New Zealand (although I can be found between Queenstown, Dunedin & Chch usually). If you're ever over here be prepared to see a LOT of R50s - because they're basically all diesels and as such are practically unkillable. The TD/QD series engines are some of the most reliable ever made IMO. Known for doing half a million+ kms on basic maintenance alone. The rest of the R50 usually falls to bits before the engine haha. I've even seen numerous late-model R50s with blown ZD30s that have been QD32 swapped. Fuse box cover Fuse box insides HID relay box cover HID relay And a shot of the factory twin-battery HID-equipped QD32ETI engine bay... It's very busy and actually quite cramped to work on. Changing the HID bulb - nightmarish.
  5. Yeah mine are actually only rated as 30.5" too, goodride SL366
  6. Yes, a wider offset rim will worsen the rubbing by increasing the radius of the turn. My father uses the stock wheels. I'm running 31x10.5r15 muddies on OEM wheels with no rubbing.
  7. Interesting to note that the LHD models have the tyre further to the left than the RHD models.
  8. It's doable. My father runs this size on his stock Terrano Regulus RS-R. They only rub on full-lock downhills.
  9. Firstly, the hubs are Aisin brand, not Asian. Secondly, these hubs will NOT fit from a Suzuki Vitara (aka Geo whatever they're called in the states) as the stud pattern to bolt onto the hub is completely different, least not due to the fact that the r50 uses six mounting studs (not five like on the Vitara), for both the hubs and wheels. Aisin hubs are OEM on a number of Japanese brands and are very strong, better even than Warn - however I do not know if they make a hub for Nissan.
  10. Yes, I intend to brace the radiator support, would not be difficult at all.
  11. LR springs won't work up front because the front springs are tapered
  12. Yes, yes it has... my truck is a prime example of that. Lateral snatches should be okay with this design as it's braced underneath at 90 degrees. I've already bent my radiator support getting snatched around a corner from this situation using a bridle... If you look at the points closely, you'll see they don't quite point straight - I calculated the angle at which my 4 metre long bridle will sit at, and mounted the points at this angle to further reduce the inwards force on the lower rad support. As well, the front of my skidplate (4 mm alloy) mounts on the lower rad support with 4 bolts to further support it. I'm going to brace the radiator support between the two lower bolts with a section of 50x50x5 mm angle iron I'm getting from a mate to stop it bending any more. However, I'm currently in Dunedin so it'll have to wait until I get back to Christchurch.
  13. Wasn't expensive. Total cost $45NZ (after selling my leftover metal back to the scrappie haha). Although I did use a number of tools etc my father and I have collected over the years eg high-speed drill, bits, jigsaw, and a bench grinder with wire wheel.
  14. Done! They look good and seem pretty solid.
  15. Don't worry, I have the keepers. Just didn't put them in the photo ?
  16. 6 mm plate steel is tough stuff to cut and drill. These points are a bit over-engineered IMO. Cutting & drilling: The finished pieces: Pieced together as they will be installed: Will fit them tomorrow morning and take some pics then.
  17. I've been working on a little project over the past two days - namely fitting rated recovery hooks to the front of my Terrano. This project was done to bridge the gap until if/when I get around to fitting a bullbar. The mounts are constructed out of 6 mm angle iron, 125x75x6 mm. I purchased a 1.2 m length for $13NZ. Very cheap. Next, I traced the standard tie down loop pattern onto the side of it and drilled it to fit. I then fitted it with the 125 mm section facing up vertically, and the 75 mm section out laterally, on which I have mounted the recovery hooks. To brace the bottom, I have cut a section of 6 mm plate and braced it to the original bolt hole on the bottom of the radiator support. I also plan to cut a section of 50x50x5 mm angle iron to brace the front of my radiator support. Pictures will follow.
  18. I would just rebuild your current TD27 or as you've done find a good one. The TD engine is one of the most reliable on the planet, but they are prone to overheating if the cooling system is neglected. I'd buy a new radiator or have the old one flushed properly to avoid blowing the head on your new engine. I have the QD32ETI in my R50 Terrano and it's a great engine, heaps of power.
  19. Sorry to hear too. On my father's pathfinder we just bypassed the radiator and ran the tranny fluid straight to the factory external cooler.
  20. I reckon that's a VG33. You can see the two cylinder heads on either side, and the intake manifold seems to match. It's definitely not a TD series diesel, looks nothing like those, and the turbo should be where the air filter is.
  21. I think the idle is just a QD thing, dad's has always been rough. Here's a pic side by side
  22. It's an XROX bar. They're Aussie made, ~1300AU plus shipping, will hopefully be fitting one to my R50 in the next few months. They're airbag compliant and also have mounting bolts for recovery points on the side of the winch cradle.
  23. That won't do much. You really need a full bar like this

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